From The Past: Deenabandhu Ashram, Walajapet


No one in my family seems to know when this photo was taken. But it has been lying in a file at our office for almost 3 decades now. It must be from the early 80’s. This was shot at one of the functions of the Deenabandhu Ashram in Walajapet.

My Grandfather Mr. A.N. Govindasamy Nadar is seen standing  in the centre and we have the former president of India Mr. R. Venkatraman to his right and he seems to be checking the time.  The gentleman behind the mike was the one who was managing Deenabandhu Ashram at that time. I think his name is A. Narasimha Iyer. As pointed out by Suhalini PN I have since verified that the gentleman’s name is A. Sampath Narasimhan Iyengar. Thanks Suhalini!

If anyone has more information about the people in this photo, please feel free to leave a comment below.