The Beauty in White – Taj Mahal

Taj Mahal View through the Arched Gateway


Just as I was waiting in line to pass through the arched doorway I saw a part of the Taj Mahal and I thought “ Why do people go crazy about this building? It’s just made in marble” and “ I don’t think this building was made out of love for a woman.” Just as I passed through the archway and my eyes caught sight of the Taj Mahal in its entirety a lump formed in my throat and my eyes welled up. I could barely speak. I had visited the Agra fort just before that and was spell bound by the architecture. But the Taj I fell in love with her the first time I held her in my eyes.

Taj Mahal

The Taj is definitely a woman. I believe the Taj Mahal was the love of Shah Jahan’s life. Anyone who had the time and money and the vision to build such a monument is truly an artist. If it was a Hindu Temple before the Taj. Good for the country we need such symbols. For all those who keep fighting and trying to explain that it was a Hindu temple before it was looted and demolished by the mughals to become the Taj. Well we don’t know for sure because all that happened before our lifetime.

Yes, the Mughals came from another region, brought with them another religion but look at how much we have assimilated from them. Look at the architecture they have left us. It’s mind boggling.

Each emperor or country which has ruled these lands which we now call India have left is richer in so many ways and poorer in many more ways.

Our country cannot move forward when we just keep looking back at the past.

I suggest we take a glimpse of the past take what we need and leave what we don’t need. Learn from the mistakes people have made and build a nation which is the greatest man has ever seen.

Stop dissecting the #TajMahal folks. It is heart wrenching when something of such beauty is hurt by so many words and thoughts. If the UP tourism book does not include the Taj. Whose loss is it really? It’s an architectural marvel which has been seen as a symbol of love by millions around the world. Grow UP Tourism.