Kapila Dasa @ Express Avenue


I had set very high expectations for this place especially with part of the Dasaprakash name attached to it. So I enter the restaurant and their guard gives you the biggest Salam. I mean it is huge. I was reminded of the old Parthiban joke in Pudhiya Padhai.

The restaurant is supposedly beach themed. But I realized that while wondering why all the waiters were dressed in hawaiian shirts. It was then that I looked at the place and there was a boat sticking out of the wall and all those wall posters with stuff like “What happens in the beach stays in the beach.” Wonder who comes up with such silly rip offs for a restaurant that promises fine dining.

The Dosas were brilliant it was made with ghee and I can still smell the buttery taste on my fingers after 2hours. I had a Crunchy Onion Rava Dosa which was not one of those huge ones that would leave no space in your stomach for anything else. This was followed by a Purely Butterly Mysore Masala Dosa that’s the one in the photo below.


They put some butter on a small piece of plantain leaf and place it between the folds of the dosa. The taste and smells were heavenly. (I remember my dad saying how they used to serve something similar at Dasaprakash) The masala is served separately. I was not very happy with how the sambar tasted. The coconut chutney was of a texture and taste that I loved.

The food is a bit on the pricier side and the time it took them to serve us the dosas was also on the higher side, about 30minutes. The menu was a slight disappointment because the South Indian options they offered were few. I assumed it would be just like Dasaprakash which was a South Indian joint.  Here they serve North Indian and Continental too.

Nandini had the Corn and Spinach baked dish and she said it tasted brilliant. Not too creamy.

I overheard some people at the next table talking about how great their thali is. Will probably give it a shot the next time I am there.

They call it a Fine Dining restaurant. But I would not put it in that category. The waiters are not confident when they ask you something and there is a teeny weeny bit of sloppiness when they serve. I am sure Kapila Dasa can fix these minor issues.

Note: Ask for a place with a view and you would get a view of the traffic on General Patters Road.