Food Tales – Pizza Two (Not The Villa)


Pizza Kaaran is a pizza outlet in Sivakasi which reminded me of Karagattakaran.

This is Part Two of my Pizza Tale. Go read part one HERE

The first time I really tried Italian food at an italia restaurant in Chennai was at Bella Ciao. Nope not the one in Kottivakkam but the one which was on the top floor of Chotabhai Center. A few friends told me that they even served wine on the sly. So there I was looking for Pizzas and finding a ton of other confusing names staring at me from the menu. Pasta, Fusili, Arrabiatta well so many weird sounding names and the worst was how to pronounce them? I prayed to St. John Bosco and his mother Mamma Margaret and they told me to just ask the person taking my order.

So I pointed to the stuff on the menu and asked them about the pizzas. (I was not a fan of the pastas then). So the guy was explaining to me about the Pizzas and he mentioned Jalapeno which he pronounced as “Halapeno” I had to stop and ask him what it was and he described “JALAPEENOS” to me. He figured that he had to teach me to say it like them Italians and he made me repeat Halapeno atleast 10 times before I think I got the first part of it right. I did ask him about the wine but the poor fellow just shook his head and walked away having failed in his attempts to make me pronounce Jalapenos.

The pizza arrived 20 minutes later and it was one of the best pizzas I have ever had. Bottom of the base was crunchy, top of the base was slightly soft and man there were toppings which I really loved Sun-dried tomatoes, olives, bell pepper, Jalapenos and some cheese. Up until that day I had thought that the pizza was about the cheese. But it was that day that I realized that the Pizza is much more. Grain Base, the Pizza sauce, Vegetables/Meat and cheese for that flavour. Since then I have tried not to eat from the Pizza Huts or the Dominos or the Pizza Corners. These places had just one option for the base and it was chewy and they always over did the cheese. Each time I would eat a pizza from the Pizza chains it would look like a cheese flood on top.

This is precisely how cheese should not be overloaded onto a pizza. 

This is precisely how cheese should not be overloaded on a pizza.

Since then I have been to a bunch of Italian places which serve Pizzas and Pastas and I have learnt to cook the pizza and pasta. But my favourite pizza will always be the first one that I really tasted at Bella Ciao. Tuscana and Darios serve good pizzas too. But nothing like your first love, right? Pizzas were like The Godfather to me. My love for Pastas came much later. But nothing to beat the Godfather right?

If you are a pizza lover or a foodie remember to always ask what ingredients go into making your pizza dough. You would be surprised by the number of ingredients you would have to google for.

Which is the best pizza you have tasted? and if you love to make a pizza, will you make one for me? 🙂