Of Window Seats and Passing Greenery

Ever since my childhood I always loved the corner seat right beside the window be it in the car, train or pretty much any form of transport. Who does not love the feel of the wind on the face? If you don’t you are weird, trust me real weird because even the Dogs love it. 

So my seat of choice when booking my ticket on the Indian Railways App is the Window seat. I love sitting there watching water bodies, patches of greenery and houses of all hues and colours pass by. 

I have been noticing that a lot of these green patches of land have now turned brown. No not with the shit that people love to take near railway tracks but by land developers who are fast converting these pieces of agricultural lands into potential disaster zones. These pieces of land have no proper drainage facilities and each plot when constructed on will have its own bore well. So the way I look at it, we folks DESTROY TO DEVELOP. 

The Greenery is slowly Passing Away. 

376 years of Madras



Ok, for those of you who want to call it Chennai be my guest. But are Francis Day and Madras Day related? Please answer this one. 

The gentleman in the above picture is not Francis Day. That is the Gandhi statue on Marina Beach. 

Food Tales – Sam’s Pizza

Decided to get some pizza love this evening. Have been hearing about Sam’s Pizza for a while now so headed right there with Nandy. I don’t have any pictures to post because of this new rule that Nandy and me have implemented. No phone, social media, photographs while eating. Whoever does it first will have to pay for dinner. Have not won even once until now. Hope to soon.

Ordered a plate of Salad from the salad bar. OD’d on the salads. Liked the soya chunky salad, kimchi, carrot and raisin salad.

Ordered the thin crust Hawaiian Pizza 9incher. Toppings were some chunks of pineapple and some chunks of paneer on a Cheese Pizza. The crust was crunchy at the edges and soft on top just the way I like it. Cheese was not up to the mark, too chewy and tasted quite bland. Pizza was way too greasy for my liking.

Service was OK. Water was served in a dirty plastic glass I asked for a replacement and it was done quickly. Had to wait for the salad bar to be refilled. Also the tables and chairs look really worn out from regular use.

They have a wall painting with the nutritional value of pizza. But no mention on what basis.

Bill came to Rs. 670. Will definitely go back for their salad bar. Will give the pizza a miss. For more info please visit : lovecustomwaterbottles.com

Chennapatnam to Madras to Chennai

Usually there is this 2nd Part Jinx theory. But that sure does not apply to the CBC Tablog-2. Running successfully in blogs near you.

I was born in Madras and now live in Chennai. As time goes on who knows what else it would change into. But what’s in a name? The city has changed with the times but Madras is unbreakable. Madras has been ruled by so many countries but it was during the British rule that the Madras Presidency covered part of present day Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Kerala. No wonder the North Indians still call people from the south as Madarasis. While I was in Delhi I tried to educate the northerners that all South Indians are not Madarasis and that the language that we speak is not Madarasi. Futile efforts.

There is hardly anything I want to change about the city, well expect maybe the drainage and the garbage collection and disposal system. But what I would really like to change is the attitude that people have about Chennai. Madras is what you think it is and it is much more and as a friend used to say you can expect to see a person praying at the temple in the morning and he could be seen later in the evening at Shastri Nagar Sharks Bar with a mug of beer chilling out with friends listening to Heavy Metal Music. So anyone who wants to experience Chennai all that they need to do is be Open Minded. Madras is a relatively young city compared to the other metros. But there is so much happening here that people need to change their opinions about the city. The city has always been about change. Well any great city is about change.

And as Rocky says “If I can change and You can change, then everybody can change.” Embrace Chennai!

Dedicated to the city of Madras

Next Up is Dr. Jennifer Divia Clement who blogs at Princess of God and also at Dr. JC’s Classroom The zoology blog has some interesting stuff and I hope to read more blogposts from her especially on the Zoology blog..

From The Past: Fiat Topolino 500C Coupé

Fiat Topolina 1949

The Fiat 500C Coupé was launched in 1950 and was quite a popular car in Europe.

This photo was shot in 2010 at a Heritage Car Rally in Chennai.

Tickler of Tonsils

Sharing a sweet kiss with a loved one should not only be spontaneous but also with Love and Affection. If you have plans on tickling the tonsils of your loved one in public then you should consider getting a room. Affection in public is cool. But then Tonsil tickling, breast rubbing, penis rubbing, dry humping, ass grabbing is so NOT cool. Surely not in a public park for the viewing of all and sundry. I know there are people who feel that love should not be inhibited. But the acts that I have mentioned above may not be an embarrassment for you shameless people who indulge in it but it is surely an embarrassment for those who have to see you.

After checking http://uvuperformance.com and having watched too many English Movies, IndianTonsil Ticklers now feel that Tonsil Tickling in public is cool. The way you tonsil ticklers are doing it is way too CREEPY and SLY. You can’t give your lady/guy love a full passionate kiss with your eyes closed and the lips doing the work. You have to have your eyes wide open looking for people who are watching you. It is like you get a kick out of people watching you (Voyeur of Voyeurs). Your tongues should be cut off. You are not fit to kiss. Atleast not in public.

I am not against kissing or holding hands or even cuddling in public. But going at the guy/girl of your present dream, like he/she may not be around tomorrow makes me feel that you have paid the guy/girl by the hour and now you are trying to make use of her like you would use a whore. Not only are you not respecting him/her but you are making a public spectacle out of it.

Anyways I wish and pray and hope that the next time you tickle his/her tonsils he/she will puke on your face. The next time your tongue is in his/her ear it starts oozing pus and when that happens I hope someone takes a picture of the state of your face. Would truly be a KODAK moment. Happy Tickling!

Some Interesting stuff I read.






The Automan Cometh

A few Months Back (Yeah Yeah!!! I have not blogged in a while) I was having a conversation with a colleague at work and she said Personal blogs are Sad Stories. This one is for you lady!!!

Recently I have become an auto aficionado. Autos for those of you who do not know are three wheeled Vehicles which can take you on a trip or take the trip out of you and yes Auto guys tend to take you for a ride. Autos in Chennai don’t go by the meter it is good old bargaining which works.

IF you have time to waste and are looking for some fun and time pass, do this… best paintball gun

Wave a Auto down, Give him your destination then ask him how much it will cost. Let’s take my normal route Kilpauk to T.Nagar Say he asks you for Rs. 100 you do a small calculation 100 divided by 2 which is 50 and subtract 10 from that. So you will quote 40Rs. (Don’t think it is ridiculous If He goes by the meter it will not cost anything more than 35Rs. Now the autoguy will be shocked and will normally mumble jumble and proceed) If he does not I will assure you he is ready to bargain and can be brought to go on a ride for 45Rs.

Trust me there is nothing wrong in arguing for even 1Re or 2Rs. It is hard earned money after all. If you hate the auto guy and don’t want to have some fun torturing them feel free to take a bus back home. I do that sometimes or better still walk back home.

One of my friends actually tells that she is a college student and that her dad does not giver her enough pocket money. Interesting Story but I would not be able to tell something like that and get away with it.

Have some more Tips, Incidents coming up…
Comments, tips and real life incidents are welcome.

Have fun using public transport.

Madras, My Madras…

Yes, my Madras is celebrating it’s 369th Birthday. Yeah, and this is what will be happening over this week.

I am feeling LAZY( apparently that’s a draft and I have been too lazy to post my LAZY post. So you know how lazy I am) again so I will just link it to Suraksha’s post. You should be able to see me on some of these walks, open mics, etc etc…

Let the Children be. You Control Freaks.

I was at the Chinmaya Yuva Kendra Culturals Ablaze 2008 the whole of Yesterday. So morning Narain and me(or is it I?) walk into the Chinmaya Heritage Center after a late night at the office the previous day and we started off by putting up Banners and setting up the www.findnearyou.com stall (failed miserably though)
it took Seshadri ( a friend at work ) to actually setup the stall. Where do I put up banners? This was running through my head for a while by then.

So while 2 Banners went to the stage flanks one went right inside the elevator. So when the elevator door opened up there we had a sign saying

“Stop Searching Start Finding” I was waiting for the elevator and two oldies joined my wait. So they were reading the back of my T-Shirt. which says www.findnearyou.com and then the elevator door opens and there they see the banner. They got a funny look on their face. and their eyes started to go between the banner and my Tshirt. So smart guy I am said “Yeah, it is Find Near You and I was the one who put it up there” , they said “Clever thinking” So I murmured my thanks and stepped out of the elevator.

We had all these contests and I found that boys and girls go crazy about

Freebies, A game where you have to rip the paper, crush it and then basket it with your left hand and of course brain teasers. I met some really sweet kids. I was shooting off like crazy about findnearyou and one kid I was talking to was like “I came here for Creative Writing and But I am being forced to perform Ship wreck and worse I have to play Salman Khan. Now why do kids have to play some dumb celebrity? I met some kids from St. Bedes and when I told them I was from Don Bosco, Egmore they got pretty excited and we shared some cultural stories. Previously I had watched them dance and trust me they were so different from all other schools. They were appreciated but did not win any prize. It is just like in Harry Potter when Dolores Umbridge says this is what school children should do more than this they should not. It kills the spirit inside the kid . They had made a lot of effort to do what they did. The judges should not say things like “You were very good, but this is a school culturals and we don’t entertain commercially good performances. ” Hey Teacher leave those kids alone… All in all you’re just another Brick in the wall” It is sad that talent is controlled and driven by people who are controlled and driven by some others.

Sad but True.

Dear Reader…

Dear Readers,

I don’t know why I blog. I have been wondering for the last 6 months. It is fun though. I enjoy this immensely. But when I get an email saying someone has commented on your post. What do I do? Any work I am doing comes to a halt and I savour each written word.

But I got word today from my friend Venu (Of Sonu Venu fame) that there is this lady in his office who was spotted reading my blog. Dear lady if you are reading this please leave a comment. It will be an honor for me to know my readers. I even accept negative comments. So if you wanna thrash me verbally please feel free.

Love and Regards,

Aravind Kumar