Of Window Seats and Passing Greenery

Ever since my childhood I always loved the corner seat right beside the window be it in the car, train or pretty much any form of transport. Who does not love the feel of the wind on the face? If you don’t you are weird, trust me real weird because even the Dogs love it. 

So my seat of choice when booking my ticket on the Indian Railways App is the Window seat. I love sitting there watching water bodies, patches of greenery and houses of all hues and colours pass by. 

I have been noticing that a lot of these green patches of land have now turned brown. No not with the shit that people love to take near railway tracks but by land developers who are fast converting these pieces of agricultural lands into potential disaster zones. These pieces of land have no proper drainage facilities and each plot when constructed on will have its own bore well. So the way I look at it, we folks DESTROY TO DEVELOP. 

The Greenery is slowly Passing Away. 

Global Warming – The Rise of The Warmth

Let’s take this from the Bottom.

Rising Temperatures. I get to blame Global Warming. Well I am definitely not an expert on Global Warming. Maybe it has something to do with the Airconditioners and fossil fuels and  I use both and the lack of them sure does cause me a lot of discomfort.

If you can’t Live without the Fan then your mind is in for some serious trouble. You are just another addict. – Maternal Grandfather

Well I don’t have the heart to tell him that I am contributing to the Global warming in my own small way. So Just imagine the number of offices and homes and we have air conditioners everywhere. We use so much energy all the time and then we make energy efficient glass buildings. Kind of stupid, No? If you keep thinking on those lines You would realize that man is the stupidest of all the creatures sharing this planet. It’s sad that all our logic and science and efficiency has taken us far far away from sensible living. But Definitely a Burger from McDonalds or Chicken from KFC is such efficiency. You get your food in under 10 minutes and You eat it in another 15 and move on in life. This sense of urgency in everything we do is the chief cause of Rise in Temperatures, Rise in Prices and Rise in Lifestyle diseases.

An interesting TED Talk on Climate Changes By Al Gore.

[embed_youtube src=”http://www.youtube.com/embed/splKGWuErnM?rel=0″ frameborder=”0″]


Now This is what WE can do about this

Never Shower : Yes really. But that does not mean you have to let go of personal hygiene. Use a bucket and a mug. That will save a lot of water that you are using. Showers are Water Guzzlers. A normal shower would use about 65 litres of water for a 10 minute bath. A power shower (one of those jazzy ones) uses about 17 litres of water per minute. Well if you think showering is a must in the morning. Try Multi-tasking in the shower. Come on, be creative, think of the things that be done in the shower.

Once you are done with the bathing don’t use those thick looking towels to dry yourself use the thin variety it is called Thorthu in Kerala and Coutralam Towel in Tamilnadu. It dries very quickly too.

Reuse : Yes, Reuse Bags, Newspapers, Clothes. There is so much you can do with old stuff. Encourage Children to Use old stuff for Craft work, Designs. Also carry a

Switch off that A/C: Reduce use of Air Conditioners at home I personally run the A/C for 10 minutes before I shut it off “The Cooling” is good for the next 30minutes and I put it on timer for 3-4 hours when I go to sleep. This not only reduce the impact on the environment but also reduces my electricity bills drastically.

Switch off the lights: When I see fans spinning in rooms with no one. I go and switch them off. Same with lights. It does not have to be your home for you to do it. I have done it in Government offices and Hospitals. Also if I see street lights turned on during the day time. I call the Electricity Office and inform them about it.

Don’t litter : I try not to litter as much as I can, though it is work in progress. Simply means there are times when I don’t think twice before throwing a piece of paper or a toffee wrapper on the road. I try to be conscious about it. Sometimes I pick what I have mindlessly strewn on the street. But I make an effort and hope to think before I throw.

Grow Plants: What, you don’t live in a Bungalow? That really does not matter. You don’t have a balcony? Again does not matter. You live in a 400 square foot area? I am sure you can raise at least one potted plant. (No, It is illegal to grow Pot at home) What? you don’t have time to water even one plant. Still Cool. Grow a Potted Cactus. They require watering probably once a week. Care for another Living thing something which is not human.

I would sure love to hear on what you do to keep the earth Cool.