376 years of Madras



Ok, for those of you who want to call it Chennai be my guest. But are Francis Day and Madras Day related? Please answer this one. 

The gentleman in the above picture is not Francis Day. That is the Gandhi statue on Marina Beach. 

The 71

Yeah This is my 71st post and I like this number for a number of reasons none of which will be told to you people simply because I don’t wish to bore you with the inane things. but yes I have a cool video for you people. I created it with a tool called Animoto.

Also I had been to this nice event about Tea Tasting @ The Alliance and I wrote an article for FindNearYou.com (If you did not know, this is where I have fun during the day) Click Here to Read the Article and leaving a comment here and there would be appreciated.

Girls and Women are complicated…

You could also call this Part 2 of Girls Colleges are dumb. Well you can call this what you want I really would be happy if you came up with an alternate title for this post.

I was surfing You Tube this morning and I normally look for Stand up Comedy shows. So I was watching this clip of Carlos Menci…


Funny guy, he says what he says with a lot of courage and gets people to laugh. But I don’t know if he has feminists wanting to murder him. I would love to see if I can get away with this.

Anyways basically girls/women are complicated. Read Narain’s experience with a 7 year old called Yasmin. Poor fellow freaked out with the things she said. I really doubt if a boy would have said the things Yasmin said.

Just like Carlos says women have too many things on their mind. Sometimes it is very nice. But most times it gets on my nerves to know that they are thinking of something/someone else when they are talking to me.

So coming back to the college culturals… Did I mention that I was not allowed to go out for lunch and worse still was they did not have a Restroom for guys.( Restroom is such a stupid word, whoever coined that must have slept while taking a poop or maybe while standing at the urinal to take a leak) I was offered by a girl that she would stand guard while I took a nice grand leak in the ladies room. (Ofcourse I refused.) What’s worse I was complaining to a few lady professors about how we were not being allowed to go out for lunch or any break for the matter of fact and this lady professor looks at me and says “Oh, they probably think that you are a college student” I was like “What, are you kidding? this must be some kind of joke” The professor just left with a grin whose meaning I am still deciphering.

All said and done, My friend Amirtha was not let into the college. Fishing Embarassing. But Narain who also happens to be her friend somehow managed to get her in. The question I had and still have is “Why won’t they let a girl into a girls college?” Men please dont attempt answers to these questions because we are not meant to answer them. Women please do leave your answers.Men please ask more questions.

Cheers!!! People. I have so many Girls College Stories. Someone of them give me nightmares. (Just kidding about the nightmares.)

Girls Colleges are Dumb…

Recently I had to spend two days in a girls college. I had some great experiences, mostly some not so great experiences. My interaction with girls got intense only in the year 2000 and I have since then made up for the Lost Years. Before the Year 2000 I studied in an All Boys College and before that in an All Boys School. So all I knew was to make fun of girls when they were not around and behave like a true gentleman when they were around.(Yeah I know, Kind of skewed way to grow up)

So two days in a girls college was 2 days of torture. I am happy I am a man. I can now appreciate what a girl goes through in this society better.

1. Not Everything in Life is Fun

2. Every Cloud has a silver Lining

3. Hot Girls are mostly Dumb (Well it is a MCP remark, but you don’t know what I went through. So take a break and don’t judge me)

4. Even a girl can’t enter a girls college.

5. Rotting inside a girls College and Not able to take a Leak is extremely painful.

6. It is not fun to be surrounded by 100’s of girls on a hot day.

7. Know what I am getting into at least in the future.

8. Amazing what 2 days has taught me.

So 2 days and I can see myself getting married to someone, anyone, whoever it will be. But please let it not be some girl who studied in an All girls college. Girls with too much of Estrogen are as bad as us testosterone driven males. Oh my God the way girls yelled and sang Shor macha le, Shor Macha Le….(Parody to the Dhoom title music) and gave those sly smile to boys from other colleges(the smile for which many a boy leaves jollu(saliva)) And as I saw these famous mating rituals from the sidelines, I wondered when the mating itself would take place. But tough luck, Cops were brought in and some boys were taken to their Mother-in-law’s house by the Father-in-law and some of their brother-in-laws. Hope they were not treated too well.

My friend Sathyanarain was stopped by the girls when he was trying to take a general picture of the crowd. Reason being he looks like a Youth. But he protested and tried hard to reason out but sadly no luck. He was sent out and he had to spend the rest of the day taking photos of Crows.

Ofcourse there were some really wonderful moments which I have chosen not to talk about so that I can be a wonderful pessimist. Yes I have a PART 2 to this coming up next.

P.S. : Thanks, Narain(Click here to read his lingerie shopping experience), Nandy and Amirtha for making life bearable for me. Of Course Jasmine(or was it Yasmin) was sweet enough to show Sathya that he should not talk too much. Thanks Narain for the Crow Photos. And Ofcourse Bill Watterson for the Calvin and Hobbes Strip.

Let the Children be. You Control Freaks.

I was at the Chinmaya Yuva Kendra Culturals Ablaze 2008 the whole of Yesterday. So morning Narain and me(or is it I?) walk into the Chinmaya Heritage Center after a late night at the office the previous day and we started off by putting up Banners and setting up the www.findnearyou.com stall (failed miserably though)
it took Seshadri ( a friend at work ) to actually setup the stall. Where do I put up banners? This was running through my head for a while by then.

So while 2 Banners went to the stage flanks one went right inside the elevator. So when the elevator door opened up there we had a sign saying

“Stop Searching Start Finding” I was waiting for the elevator and two oldies joined my wait. So they were reading the back of my T-Shirt. which says www.findnearyou.com and then the elevator door opens and there they see the banner. They got a funny look on their face. and their eyes started to go between the banner and my Tshirt. So smart guy I am said “Yeah, it is Find Near You and I was the one who put it up there” , they said “Clever thinking” So I murmured my thanks and stepped out of the elevator.

We had all these contests and I found that boys and girls go crazy about

Freebies, A game where you have to rip the paper, crush it and then basket it with your left hand and of course brain teasers. I met some really sweet kids. I was shooting off like crazy about findnearyou and one kid I was talking to was like “I came here for Creative Writing and But I am being forced to perform Ship wreck and worse I have to play Salman Khan. Now why do kids have to play some dumb celebrity? I met some kids from St. Bedes and when I told them I was from Don Bosco, Egmore they got pretty excited and we shared some cultural stories. Previously I had watched them dance and trust me they were so different from all other schools. They were appreciated but did not win any prize. It is just like in Harry Potter when Dolores Umbridge says this is what school children should do more than this they should not. It kills the spirit inside the kid . They had made a lot of effort to do what they did. The judges should not say things like “You were very good, but this is a school culturals and we don’t entertain commercially good performances. ” Hey Teacher leave those kids alone… All in all you’re just another Brick in the wall” It is sad that talent is controlled and driven by people who are controlled and driven by some others.

Sad but True.

Nobody stays Single a Play by EVAM (though i wish i could)

Life is short, Life is funny

Sex is Hot, Sex is funny

(Am glad that it ain’t the other way around Exclaim!Exclaim!Exclaim!)

As Sathya and Me (or is it I) were walking back to my car after watching Evam rehearsing for their new play. “Doubles Triples and Quadruples – Nobody stays Single”, I told Satya (who was busy spotting lesbians on the road. Whattay hobby!!!ha ha ha) “Life is a lesson you learn it when you are through”. Is it not strange that we sometimes end up pitying people. Well I feel we don’t have to pity anyone. Atleast I don’t. I have been dying from the minute I was born. So are you. It has to end someday. My heart goes out to people who have difficulties but it simply does not pity them. No one needs us pitying them even in our thoughts.


My funny serious take on LIFE apart. Evam’s DT&Q will be awesome. They have thought of such small details which others would normally overlook. The show is happening today and tomorrow at the Chinmaya Heritage Centre. If you are willing to join us…please do. It will be fun.

P.S.: One of the Lesbians was actually hot. :)) Shit!!! Am I getting desperate…