Train Tales – On Reservation

Open the door for the woman, offer a seat to an old man standing… Acts of chivalry???? Or as some people put it an attempt to impress the world. 

What should you do when you hold a reserved Window Seat ticket on the train and a women comes and starts eyeing the seat? Do you give it to her or do you ask her if she has a reserved ticket and if not that she should get into the unreserved compartment or the ladies compartment. But unfortunately some people who don’t hold reserved tickets are allowed to board a reserved compartment and some of them even demand to be allowed to sit. 

I wonder if we will be able to kick some sense into some of these people who demand that they be allowed to sit according to their whims and fancies. 

There will come a day when reserved compartments will only seat people with reserved tickets. Not railway workers/officials or paan chewing men or seat demanding women. Indian Railways has a long way to go.  


Of Window Seats and Passing Greenery

Ever since my childhood I always loved the corner seat right beside the window be it in the car, train or pretty much any form of transport. Who does not love the feel of the wind on the face? If you don’t you are weird, trust me real weird because even the Dogs love it. 

So my seat of choice when booking my ticket on the Indian Railways App is the Window seat. I love sitting there watching water bodies, patches of greenery and houses of all hues and colours pass by. 

I have been noticing that a lot of these green patches of land have now turned brown. No not with the shit that people love to take near railway tracks but by land developers who are fast converting these pieces of agricultural lands into potential disaster zones. These pieces of land have no proper drainage facilities and each plot when constructed on will have its own bore well. So the way I look at it, we folks DESTROY TO DEVELOP. 

The Greenery is slowly Passing Away.