A Billion Reasons not to Shop when the sale is on.

For those of you who think that a sale is genuine here is why you never, NEVER, EVER buy during a sale or offer.

What is the motive of a business? To let customers save on bucks. If that is your answer then please think again. Any business is here to make a profit. Ok let’s forget the business for a while. What is the purpose of an individual living in this world? The real reason for an individual living in this world is benefit or profit.

When you were born your parents and family benefited with the cute smiles you gave away. How did you benefit? They cleaned after you and fed you so you could repeat the cute smiles. If you got grumpy your parents were not happy because they did not benefit.

Then you grew up and went to school, the school benefited by the fees you pay them, You benefited by making great friends, learning absolutely nothing and getting whacked by your teachers.

Then you go to college and you benefited by looking and teasing girls and they in turn benefit with all the attention and sometimes they demand that the police give you some extra attention.

Then you get married. Well, this is one point in life where the woman is benefited and the man is at a loss, especially with words. But come, on you were mean to girls before that.

So when an individual life is all about benefit then a business is all about profit. So there is no business out there which will not want you sell at lower profits. No Not even Saravana Stores.

So my dear thondargaley, when some business announces a sale please be aware that the tag prices could be raised and then discounted, the business is trying to push old stock, the place is pushing damaged stock.

By the way all those offers from Pizza places offering Buy one Get one free or some brilliant offer of Garlic bread and pizza and Coke and dessert is probably the company pushing old stock real quick.

CAVEAT EMPTOR… If you actually expected me to give you a billion reasons not to shop during a sale, Well, Stop handling money.

Flipkart naamam Vaazhga, Amazon Naamam Vaazhga, Vaazhga e-Shopping, Valarga Tamilagam, Valarga Tamil Makkal.

Also I love this video clip… simply brilliant!!!

Food Tales – Sam’s Pizza

Decided to get some pizza love this evening. Have been hearing about Sam’s Pizza for a while now so headed right there with Nandy. I don’t have any pictures to post because of this new rule that Nandy and me have implemented. No phone, social media, photographs while eating. Whoever does it first will have to pay for dinner. Have not won even once until now. Hope to soon.

Ordered a plate of Salad from the salad bar. OD’d on the salads. Liked the soya chunky salad, kimchi, carrot and raisin salad.

Ordered the thin crust Hawaiian Pizza 9incher. Toppings were some chunks of pineapple and some chunks of paneer on a Cheese Pizza. The crust was crunchy at the edges and soft on top just the way I like it. Cheese was not up to the mark, too chewy and tasted quite bland. Pizza was way too greasy for my liking.

Service was OK. Water was served in a dirty plastic glass I asked for a replacement and it was done quickly. Had to wait for the salad bar to be refilled. Also the tables and chairs look really worn out from regular use.

They have a wall painting with the nutritional value of pizza. But no mention on what basis.

Bill came to Rs. 670. Will definitely go back for their salad bar. Will give the pizza a miss. For more info please visit : lovecustomwaterbottles.com

Help thy Liver to Help thou

The liver is the largest organ organ in the human body. I am sure you don’t need me to tell you that unless you did not pay attention during biology class in school. The liver works tirelessly to kick out all the toxins from food that we ingest. Yes, there are so many toxins out there and we don’t even know what we are eating these days. Do you know what went into that pizza you gorged on last night? But when the liver can’t handle stuff anymore it gives up on us. We would not be happy if that happened to us.

But what if we did not give up on the liver and somehow cleansed it.

There are so many natural foods which will help us in doing just that. I am not a scientist so I am saying this from personal experience. Here are some.

Garlic does wonders for the liver. Just boil it in water or milk for a while and then chew well before you eat it.

Water flushes out a lot of unwanted stuff from the system. Not just the liver. So stay hydrated.

Turmeric is is a wonder root which not only cleanses the liver but is also a antiseptic and soothes any ulcers you may have in the mouth or stomach.

Greens rush nutrition is a MUST eat and the leaves should form part of everyone’s diet. But the Keela Nellii is the the best for the liver. It flushes all those toxins out.

Food is the best medicine. So starting the Paleo diet is alcohol paleo. You need to listen to your body closely, it tells you what you need to eat. Remember most times you just hear the tongue talking because it is closer to the ear. 🙂

Chennapatnam to Madras to Chennai

Usually there is this 2nd Part Jinx theory. But that sure does not apply to the CBC Tablog-2. Running successfully in blogs near you.

I was born in Madras and now live in Chennai. As time goes on who knows what else it would change into. But what’s in a name? The city has changed with the times but Madras is unbreakable. Madras has been ruled by so many countries but it was during the British rule that the Madras Presidency covered part of present day Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Kerala. No wonder the North Indians still call people from the south as Madarasis. While I was in Delhi I tried to educate the northerners that all South Indians are not Madarasis and that the language that we speak is not Madarasi. Futile efforts.

There is hardly anything I want to change about the city, well expect maybe the drainage and the garbage collection and disposal system. But what I would really like to change is the attitude that people have about Chennai. Madras is what you think it is and it is much more and as a friend used to say you can expect to see a person praying at the temple in the morning and he could be seen later in the evening at Shastri Nagar Sharks Bar with a mug of beer chilling out with friends listening to Heavy Metal Music. So anyone who wants to experience Chennai all that they need to do is be Open Minded. Madras is a relatively young city compared to the other metros. But there is so much happening here that people need to change their opinions about the city. The city has always been about change. Well any great city is about change.

And as Rocky says “If I can change and You can change, then everybody can change.” Embrace Chennai!

Dedicated to the city of Madras

Next Up is Dr. Jennifer Divia Clement who blogs at Princess of God and also at Dr. JC’s Classroom The zoology blog has some interesting stuff and I hope to read more blogposts from her especially on the Zoology blog..

Independance Day 2014 speech by Shri Narendra Modi

Modi is a great speaker and for the first time I listened to him speak and such a great speech. Stuff like this must be listened to every time one doubts the self and the nation.

1. Say no to violence
2. Teach responsibility and accountability to sons
3. Build toilets in every school for boys and girls.
4. Clean India
5. Bank accounts to every person in the country.
6. Create model villages. Model villages will make a model country.

And for the manufacturing sector

1. India is not isolated from the world so let’s think the world.
2. Zero Defects – in the goods and Zero effects – no negative effect to the environment
3. Manufacture Goods which we can proudly say “Made in India”

The strength of the saviour is greater than the strength of the destructor.

And all these points and more were made not by the Pradhan Mantri but by the Pradhan Sevak Shri Narendra Modi.At one point during the speech he mentioned how standing on the lofty ramparts of Red Fort he can say a lot of things and then he added that if the people work for 14 hours he will work for 15 hours.

A motivating speech and if the crores of people can take one step forward then the entire nation would have taken a step forward.

First time I heard a Prime Minister call out Bharat Mata ki Jai and Vande Matram in addition to Jai Hind for .

Vande Matram!
Bharat Mata ki Jai

Jai Hind!

Food Tales – From The Past

Food tales is a chronicle of my experiences with food. I love what I eat but do I write about food with equal passion. These tales are an attempt to explore that and of course share my love for food.

I am a proud product of Don Bosco, Egmore. I spent 14 years of my life studying there and recently at DB Converge our alumni meet I had a chance to interact with a few of my teachers. I realized that the only people other than your parents who still get to hit you hard (even if you are old and have a huge belly to prove that you are old) are your teachers. Teachers definitely hold a much higher position than the Gods. So Mrs. Sarojini Govindan who was my Hindi teacher in primary school saw me and recognized me in a split second (even though I have lost all my hair and grown a huge paunch) and whacks me on my shoulder and says “You don’t have what you should have and have something you definitely should not have, lose your paunch Aravind.” That was indeed an eye opener for me.

I still remember amma asking me to study but I simply hated school work though I loved reading everything other than my school books. At one point my mother even locked me up in my grandfathers office room asking me to study a few chapters and when she opened the door a few hours later I was found reading the telephone directory. So amma figured that the best way to get me to study was not to use the stick but to use the carrot. I was not a bunny to go eat carrots so what did I love the most?

We simply called it “Urundai” at home. It was besan (Chickpea flour) mixed with powdered sugar and ghee and formed into the shape of a ladoo. Sometimes cashewnuts roasted in ghee would also be added.

So the deal amma made with me was, I had to finish a chapter then she would ask me questions and if I answered it to her satisfaction I got one Urundai. I would finish chapters which I didn’t have to so I could get lots of bonus urundais. So things were fine at home because of the urundais. Back in school it did not look too good. My teachers would keep complaining to my mom that I was a brilliant student but my lack of effort made my brilliance very dull. My teachers would not give me urundais when I did well in class.

So life went on with me studying well at home in the company of Urundais but only scrapping through in exams. My maternal grandfather would keep telling me that I should not have exam fear. Little did he know about my love for Urundais.

And then in 1991 Narasimha Rao became the prime Minister of India. He along with Finance Minister Manmohan Singh opened up the Indian Economy and in came food pouring in. Food that earlier could only be brought in select stores in Madras or you had to ask people who went abroad on trips.

Recipe for Urundai

1200 gms – Chickpea flour
200 gms – Powdered Sugar
200 gms – Hot Ghee

Mix the chickpea flour and powdered sugar with the hot ghee and mix well.
Make them into the shape of ladoos. I am sure you will get a lot of urundais with so much kadalai maavu.

Simple recipe, right.

We now do a healthy version of the Urundai. No Ghee, No Sugar and no Kadalai Maavu (Chickpea flour). But I will keep that for another post.

The Leh Trip – 5 years From The Past

It has been 5 years since a group of friends decided to go on a trip to Leh, Ladakh. It was a high that has been pretty much un-beatable since literally we travelled the highest roads in India. This trip happened much before the bollywood movie 3 Idiots. So not too many Indians. Actually it felt like I was in some foreign country. Leh was flooded with foreigners. We had a chance to taste food from different countries. Of course we were there for a different purpose. Capture the beauty of the region.

Like my friend Joel aptly said “Even a blind man can take beautiful photos of Leh.” Beauty is all around you. If you get a good home-stay from removals eastbourne then you get the additional experience of living the Leh life and also drink endless butter teas. We stayed at the Sia La family at their guesthouse. Lovely family. Great place to stay and walking distance to the Bazzar.

I wish I could do this trip again sometime soon. Only regret I had was we could not spend enough time in Pangong Tso and Nubra Valley. But we visited so many monasteries and the plates of momo’s and bowls of thukpa that I consumed were innumerable.

This trip was one that I cannot forget. Cheers to my friends Adele, Erina and Joel. It has been 5 years guys. Let’s go on our next adventure soon. 🙂

Kakoos, Latrine, Lavatory, Toilet

Each of those words mean the same thing to me the place to SHIT.

A healthy body needs to excrete and excrete it does. But at times it tends to get clogged and create problems for the body and the mind too. Similarly when people shit in the open it clogs the smooth functioning of the society. If people in the cities think that open defecation is common only in villages please think again. It happens in every place where there is a huge density in population. People in the Indian metros will agree that open defecation happens not just in slums. Parents let their children defecate in public. Women have to attend natures call in the dark because of lack of toilet facilities. Men claim that there is great pleasure when they get to crap in the open with the breeze caressing their arse.

Several schools in the country don’t have toiletable or any other toilet facilities for girls. Of course the boys can do it in the open. Bus Stands, Railway Stations, Parks there is so much shit everywhere. Dog Shit, Cow Shit, Human Shit, Shit in railway stations. By the way our Railways leaves the shit in the open. You Shit in their stinking Lavatory and it drops right to the track. There is so much shit in railway stations. Someone’s got to clean them. Say hello to the scavengers. People who make a living cleaning shit. See how I put the Shudras in their right place.

If we need to progress as a nation we need to get our shit cleaned.

UNICEF is running the Poo2Loo Campaign. You might wanna check it out.

Also there was this interesting video about a group in Kolkata which hoses people urinating in public. BEWARE!


Why vote? Indian elections 2014.


Went to cast my vote at Bain School, Kilpauk at about 10:30am found my booth and was waiting in a queue to exercise my right in this democracy. An old man and his wife tried to move past my place in the queue and I informed them that they need to stand in a queue and they excused themselves and went and took their place in line.

I had an Amit family standing in front of me waiting to exercise their right. Apparently one of their family members a guy named AMIT joined them much later and a guy from their family who was standing in front of me asked him to come join them in front.

Annoyed me: Should we not follow a queue especially since we are voting in a democracy.

amit: This is not a Democracy man.

AMIT: This is not a democracy. You are a joker.

Annoyed Me: Shut up man. You guys don’t even know what you are talking about.

amit and AMIT: you must be an illiterate joker.

Annoyed me: Mr. Booth officer please ask the police to come and regulate this queue.

AMIT : you must be a joker

Annoyed me: Dude, I am not even talking to you.

amit: AMIT was standing in the queue and he had gone out on some important work.

Angry me: Mr. Booth officer policekaranga enga sir? (Where are the policemen?)

two police men turn up asking in Kovai Sarala’s voice ” Enna inga prechanai Enna inga prechanai??? (What’s the problem here? What’s the problem here?)

So the booth officer tells them that AMIT has jumped the queue and that I had questioned them and there was some argument and I had requested for the policemen

Police to me: Saar Konjam adjust pannikonga.

Angry me: Naan en Saar adjust pannanum. Queue system simple vishayam ingayavidhu follow panalamla. ( why should I adjust sir? Queue is a simple system we should atleast follow it here.

AMIT: you must be illiterate. Are you trying to show of?

Angry me: dude, I am not even talking to you so please shut up.

Police officer to me: Saar prechanai pannama vote podunga Saar. (Sir, please vote without causing any trouble)

Angry me: Saar prechanai naan panala. Kelvi ketta prechanai Dhan pola Namma naatula. (Sir, I am not the one causing the problem. Looks like questioning causes problems in this country. )

Booth officer: Saar adjust pannunga saar.

Some lessons I learnt after today’s incident

1.) If you question anything or anybody in the Indian democracy you will end up being called an illiterate joker.

2.) We Indians are assholes.

3.) The truth in the old Tamil saying “dushtanai kandal dhoora vilagu” Keep away from the bad guy.

4.) amit and AMIT think that India is not a Democracy.

5.) We need someone to overlook our actions. We cannot function in an disciplined manner by ourselves.

6.) We Indians have a solution for all the problems in this world ADJUST.

Hope you folks have cast your votes. But remember whoever comes to power never,NEVER ever question them. Because just as amit and AMIT pointed out this is not a democracy.

Sadly this incident happened with an Amit. But some Indians on a whole don’t like following the queue system. We love to beat the man in front of us.

If a government can regulate a simple queue, I think we as a country will be the best. This is precisely the reason why you need to go and vote. Vote for change. Vote for a better India.


P.S.: Someone needs to do a cartoon series on amit and AMIT. It will be very popular. Especially in the south. 🙂

Medhu Vadai or Masala Vadai?

There you go. Do you prefer medhu vadai or the masala vadai? But how does one decide on what one wants. Will you go with the choices that have been given or will you give a whole new spin to the vadai.

Some people like to choose from a given set of options. A Menu.

While some people prefer to BE FREE of A Menu.

But why just go with choices that are offered by someone. why not give it your own spin. The simple vadai was thus made into several new tastes. Rasam Vadai, Sambar Vadai, Curd Vadai, Vada Kari, Mor Vadai, Keerai Vadai. But why and when did we stop thinking beyond. Why has not one tried Vadai Kurma, Chocolate Vadai, Nutty Vadai, Mint Vadai, Chutney vadai. Why have we not gone beyond the obvious.

Why stop with the choices that someone offers us?

Vadai is a popular South Indian snack. It becomes a complete meal by itself.

This post is dedicated to my friend Adele who simply loves Vadais.


The Real New Year

January 1st has been celebrated as the start of a New Year for quite sometime now. All the celebrations, all the parties and all the money that is spent to celebrate 11:59pm turning to 12 midnight. Time goes on yet we choose to celebrate this one day. Have spent a few of these to celebrating it with friends and some all alone. Heck I have even celebrated new years on a train from Delhi to Chennai. But ever since the Tsunami of 2004 I have stopped celebrating New Years. I don’t have a reason to do so anymore. I have much on my mind and I prefer to sleep it off these days.

New year sees people taking resolutions, making note of their lives in a diary and most of them eventually go back to their old more familiar ways. But a New Year is actually a New Day, a new hour, a new minute, a new second. These need to celebrated. So remember to celebrate every moment of your life make a difference in someone’s life add some value to the world. In the end you may be forgotten but it is your actions which need to live on.

From The Past: Coconut Tree Climber

Coconut Tree Climber

The Coconut Tree Climber used to be a common sight even in Chennai some 20 years back. We hardly see these folks in Chennai these days.

Have any of you noticed these guys anywhere lately?