Medhu Vadai or Masala Vadai?

There you go. Do you prefer medhu vadai or the masala vadai? But how does one decide on what one wants. Will you go with the choices that have been given or will you give a whole new spin to the vadai.

Some people like to choose from a given set of options. A Menu.

While some people prefer to BE FREE of A Menu.

But why just go with choices that are offered by someone. why not give it your own spin. The simple vadai was thus made into several new tastes. Rasam Vadai, Sambar Vadai, Curd Vadai, Vada Kari, Mor Vadai, Keerai Vadai. But why and when did we stop thinking beyond. Why has not one tried Vadai Kurma, Chocolate Vadai, Nutty Vadai, Mint Vadai, Chutney vadai. Why have we not gone beyond the obvious.

Why stop with the choices that someone offers us?

Vadai is a popular South Indian snack. It becomes a complete meal by itself.

This post is dedicated to my friend Adele who simply loves Vadais.


The Real New Year

January 1st has been celebrated as the start of a New Year for quite sometime now. All the celebrations, all the parties and all the money that is spent to celebrate 11:59pm turning to 12 midnight. Time goes on yet we choose to celebrate this one day. Have spent a few of these to celebrating it with friends and some all alone. Heck I have even celebrated new years on a train from Delhi to Chennai. But ever since the Tsunami of 2004 I have stopped celebrating New Years. I don’t have a reason to do so anymore. I have much on my mind and I prefer to sleep it off these days.

New year sees people taking resolutions, making note of their lives in a diary and most of them eventually go back to their old more familiar ways. But a New Year is actually a New Day, a new hour, a new minute, a new second. These need to celebrated. So remember to celebrate every moment of your life make a difference in someone’s life add some value to the world. In the end you may be forgotten but it is your actions which need to live on.

From The Past: Deenabandhu Ashram, Walajapet


No one in my family seems to know when this photo was taken. But it has been lying in a file at our office for almost 3 decades now. It must be from the early 80′s. This was shot at one of the functions of the Deenabandhu Ashram in Walajapet.

My Grandfather Mr. A.N. Govindasamy Nadar is seen standing  in the centre and we have the former president of India Mr. R. Venkatraman to his right and he seems to be checking the time.  The gentleman behind the mike was the one who was managing Deenabandhu Ashram at that time. I think his name is A. Narasimha Iyer.

If anyone has more information about the people in this photo, please feel free to leave a comment below.

From The Past: Azhagar Koil


Azhagar Kovil

Azhagar Koil at Sunset

Alagar Koil was the place where I had my hair tonsured for the first time in my life. I don’t remember going back to the temple since then. So recently I decided to go visit Kallalagar last week.

Alagar Koil is aptly named. It is located at the base of the Alagar Hills. The Alagar Hills is truly a paradise on earth. A pristine environment with an awesome green cover. The place is very beautiful. There is a road almost to the top of the hill. The road ends on the top at a spring called the Nubura Ganga about 4kms from the base. At about 3.5kms from the base is a beautiful Murugan Temple called Pazhamudhircholai. This is one of the Aarupadai veedu (6 abodes) of Lord Murugan.

The place sure did bring back some lovely memories from the past.

From The Past: Mysore Palace

Amba Vilas

The Amba Vilas more popularly known as the Mysore Palace was completed in the year 1912 by the famous British Architect Henry Irwin. The Architectural Style is Indo-Saracenic. This palace was the official residence of the Wodeyars.

The Wodeyars don’t rule Mysore anymore. But their Palaces and their Grandeur are celebrated every year during Dussera.



From the Past: Hotel Dasaprakash


Hotel Dasaprakash a landmark building on Poonamallee High Road.

This Photo was shot in February 2010 sometime before the buiding was torn down to give way to The Prince Courtyard a Luxury Residential Complex.

The Butter dosa here was famous. They would lay the butter on a small plantain leaf fold it and slide it inside your dosa. The smells were intoxicating.

Dasaprakash Ice Creams were the best in the days gone by.

I am Right, You are Wrong

I love to help people correct their faulty ways. When employees are at fault I am definitely there to first give them an earful and then I move on to helping them correct their faulty ways.

But to an employee it is usually the negative which is the highlight of the entire conversation. This causes them to dread coming to work, being indifferent and these people work with fear. The problem with fear is their confidence goes down and they tend to make more mistakes.

Who among us does not make mistakes? We all do. But our hierarchy in the organization defines how much we can get away with it. A employee accessing Social Media at work is more likely to get fired than his boss accessing Social Media at work.

Show the person the right way to do things. Don’t approach the right by showing them the wrong.

Thanks to this post in the Vedantic Wednesday Series by my friend Raj K Shankar.

Fairness is in your head.


I was reading this post a while back and I decided to put down my thoughts on being fair-skinned right here. Yes… Keep Reading…

The problem with Indians wanting to be fair skinned is because of the English Language.

When the British ruled India they had a certain sense of righteousness which they tried to keep up and teach similar values to the Indians. Now for example when they wanted to buy cloth from an Indian merchant they would go visit the shop or sometimes even have the wares brought by the merchant to their door step. But just like how any out of towner is taken for a ride by the Chennai Auto-Guys these Merchants would quote exorbitant prices to the Britishers. Now these  folks from England were always warned about the Indian Pricing system even before they had left England for India. So when they heard such exorbitant prices being quoted they would say “Please be fair.”

Now truth be told Indian merchants had no knowledge of English and so after the deal was done they would go visit the Dubaash (A person who worked for the Raj and knows Two Languages. Dho Baasha) to find out what fair means and the dubaash with all his wordly knowledge would say Fair means to be fair skinned. So the merchants would assume that the english sahib or memsahib did not buy his goods because they were not fair skinned. That was the day an Indian came up with an idea for a fairness cream.

Ok. that was just a story. But you get the point, right?

And those of you dark people who think that God has punished you by making you dark and that all your friends make fun of your skin color and you regret being dark then you people should get yourself dipped in molten White Wax.

The same thing Aerosmith sing in his song…

“If you can judge a wise man by the color of his skin then mister, you’re a better man than I”

Fair is good, Black is good infact everything is good. It is the thoughts which lack goodness. You might want to get some goodness in there.

I was at the Indiblogger meet in Chennai on Sunday, May 26th, 2013 and I realized that there is a campaign for telling people that dark is beautiful. I assume that as mankind progresses we would need a campaign to tell us that we are humans.