Bigg Boss – The Grand Finale

My interest in Bigg Boss hosted by Kamal Hassan fizzled out after Oviya left and then Gayathri (G3) chocolate milkshake also left. I got busy with other stuff. The show did not really hold anything interesting for me anymore.I instead followed the #BiggBossTamil hashtag on twitter. Anyways I finally got over Bigg Boss. If they have a game show similar to the Purge and if politicians were in the show then maybe I would like to watch. Vijay TV are you listening???

The Grand Finale was a complete bore with everyone thanking the host, house mates and then telling how they are a family and that this was a life long experience for them. Yes, it will be a once in a life experience for anyone. Just imagine no communication with the external world and living with a bunch of unknowns. You never know who is gonna shoot what and where. I doubt if even the nuclear families we are will be able to lead a life like that over a weekend. So 100 days must have been a challenge.

So I am going to see if I can spend this weekend with “NO SCREEN TIME” Which means No Television, No Mobile, No Laptop, No Ipad or anything which is on a screen. Of course the window drapes will be allowed. 🙂 I think it is going to be fun doing a small experiment on myself. Thambi Prabhu will you accept this challenge? Do you have it in you. Unnal Mudiyuma???

BTW I expected Ganesh to win this season of Bigg Boss. The man is so level headed. The qualities he showed in the Bigg Boss show is something every man should try and work towards. Wishing Ganesh Venkatraman the very best.


07/10/2017 Update: Looking forward to NO screen time tomorrow.