Rape, Rape, Rape My Darlings…

Don't Rape, Do Respect

A light was extinguished by five pieces of hands. One of those hands was considered small though it seemed to have gone about with much gusto. The other four participated with a lot of zest. Yes the flame was a fighter and it refused to go out easily. But eventually it did go out. It left an entire country darkness and it exposed a society which prays fervently to women Gods but treats the living people like meat.

The Law has finally caught up (hopefully for the last time) with the four guys who raped, plundered and threw a girl out of a moving bus like she was a piece of meat. They have been given the death sentence. They will be hanged till they are dead.

But somehow I don’t feel like justice has been served. After the Jyoti Rape Case there have been thousands of rape cases. Old women have been raped, babies have been raped what has happened to all those rapists? Will they also be hanged to die. Well every time a woman is raped or even touched without her consent we fail as a society. Everytime the courts sentence a rapist to die we fail as a society. Nothing wrong with failure. But it kills me when I don’t know if my child will be safe tomorrow. Meaning, Are we as a society learning from our failures? Hopefully we will. Women are fighters it is just that I don’t want them to being fighting against rapists.

P.S.: The juvenile who was said to be the most violent was sentenced to serve time juvenile home and was later released. Hope he is a changed man. Because if taking a life does not change him then…

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