Stop making Films

I am now appealing to all the directors to stop directing movies, actors need to stop acting the film industry should stop telling stories. Religious and Political outfits should consider banning the history of this country from being taught so that children will not be able learn the bad person that Tipu or his father Haider was. Why have these so called Hindu outfits not erased the sights and signs that Tipu ever existed? Why ask Rajni not to act as Tipu? 

Reason is because everyone has a mouth and sometimes it runs of and tells stupid things, stupid stupid mouth. I wonder what these people tell their children about the history of this country which has a great medley of cultures? It is worrying to find tolerance becoming rare these days.

Yes, atrocities were committed by a great many rulers just like atrocities are being committed by a great many rulers today and these atrocities will continue in the future too let there be no doubt about that. But it is what history writes about a reign or the governance by a ruler that the ruler comes off as a good or bad person. 

I wish some one had stopped that ex-thief Valmiki from writing the Ramayan and that thumbikai azhwar from writing the Mahabharat.

A creator creates what the society lets him create. That definitely would hurt creators around the world and also the supreme creator. 

Dear political outfits please stop twisting the history of this country. And also stop getting in the way of creativity.