A 10 x 10 Run to celebrate 2014

This has been a long pending post. The last quarter usually is an energy Sapper. But this year it is going to be special. Have been meaning to post this for a while now.

The Year End is always a landmark for most mortals. We look forward to the promises that the New Year brings. After the Wipro Chennai Marathon on December 7th this year I decided to keep running and take a days break every week. I would try and run for 25 days in December and the last 10 days I would attempt a 10 kms for 10 days challenge. I did not want to plan for the next day. I had no target time, no target pace. I wanted to do easy run-walk routines and complete the 10km each day. I was trying to KISS (Keep it Simple Silly)

The first five days of the run was nothing special to write about. I just ran, I walked, I took in the sights I was generally happy about how each day was passing by. I have always taken pride in my patience but on the 6th day as I was running with my cousin past Chetpet Bridge I realized I was running out of patience. It was like I wanted the run to end quickly. Ajay and me kept talking and we walked most of the way that day. I am so glad that I had company and who better than a cousin who I had not met in years.

On the 7th day God rested but I had bitten into a Chilli by registering for a Run conducted by a popular Radio Channel in the City and I was running along with another cousin Vikram. Again we pretty much walked the stretch and man, what interesting conversations we had. Towards the end of the run somewhere near the Kanagi Statue a boy who was standing on the side nudged into our conversation. He started talking about how he wanted to cycle and how he could not afford these huge registration fees for Marathons. His father was a tailor. He was studying to be an engineer. But he also wanted to train to be a runner. I was trying to tell him about the Marina Minnals and he kept cutting me off with his stories of how he had proposed to a girl and how he could now lift two water cans and run and how he only had Rs. 200 in his bank account. My Cousin Vikram shot off like his pants were on fire he simply could not bear the conversation I was trying to have with the engineering college kid. I finally managed to tell him about the running group and how he could go train with them. Once that was conveyed I shot off to catch up with my cousin. The two of us burst out laughing and without a care for the world. Maybe not my best run

The 8th day was when I started feeling pain in my shins. I was running with the Tower Twisters group and somewhere near Kilpauk cemetry the pain had become unbearable. I was resting and someone ran past me so I decided to try and run past them and I did but had to stop immediately because of the pain in the shins commanded me to. The person was a lady and she kept running and I was like “Asingapatan Autokaran”. Day 8 was weird because someone asked me for directions to Kelly’s while I was running on Taylors Road. It was a guy, somehow it did not feel right so I turned back and ran back to BV and down 6th Avenue and finished my run.

The 9th day was the “Breaking Point” of my entire 10×10 experience. I decided to run at the Marina starting from Gandhi Statue to RBI and back. I did not have any severe aches or pain till then and the minute I started running my shins decided to speak up. It was windy and it had started raining I had my umbrella and I was in my run – walk mode. I had run-walked upto the statue of Subash Chandra Bose and it was there that I wanted to turn back and end the whole challenge. It was a battle between my mind and body. The mind won and I turned back in the direction of Fort St. George I was going to fight my way to the fort. As I was finishing my 8th km somewhere near Labour statue my shins quietened dow down and I was free to run again. I am still trying to figure out what happened at the 8th km. I had run past my “Breaking Point”. It was the most challenging.

On the 10th day I was running with the Tower Twisters and Clement a runner and a longtime blogger friend had offered to run with me. We ran and I did lag behind at some places but I managed to finish my 10k. As we ran back to BV I was wondering if I felt any different. I hardly felt any pain it had disappeared somewhere at the 5th km. But strangely I did not feel any sense of elation. Somehow it did not feel like “The End”

The 10×10 is a mind and body challenge. Sometimes you will probably have to give up the run and sometimes the pain. Make sure you have been running consistently and also improving your overall strength before you take up this challenge. You don’t want to end up injuring yourself. If you think you are upto it and you are looking for company feel free to get in touch with me at my email address odugalee@gmail.com Would be glad to run with you.