The Wipro Chennai Marathon 2014

The biggest Marathon in Chennai and I wouldn’t want to miss it for the world. So after the Dusk 2 Dawn Night Marathon I had a fortnight to run The Wipro Chennai Marathon ’14 and I was definitely looking forward to it. Running a 10k is just like your regular morning run but it is the crowd which makes all the difference. You are either running with the crowd or running away from the crowd. I belong to the second type only difference being I was far behind the crowd. (No, I am not the Marathon Mama)

I am a newbie run-walker (Will definitely let you folks know when I graduate to being a full time runner.) and was excited to run the Napiers Bridge – Tharamani route. A car drive later I found myself at the start point doing some stretches with some folks from Tower Twisters and Sprinter Navin. I had vowed to start late and avoid the crowd and thats precisely what Mr. GP. Kamath(K) and me ended up doing. K and me crossed the start line at around 7:15am and we continued running together until the 4km mark where I stopped for some rest and water. The Marina stretch had taken it’s toll on my sweat glands and for some reason my legs felt like stone. It usually does till I am 3kms into any run. But here I was resting at the 4km mark and it was still hard as stone. I was looking forward to the Santhome-Greenways Road stretch which is relatively well shaded and would help me cool down.

Funnel a crowd into a bottle neck and they behave like sweaty wild people. Precisely what happened at the 4km water point. People were jostling to get water and gatorade and fruits. I understand why they do it but I hate it. Sweaty people hitting against you when your legs are not co-operating is definitely not my idea of fun on a Sunday morning run. But I had expected much worse crowds. I think that was the only hydration point which was all bottled up with too much sweat and adrenaline. Mr. K did not stop at this point and I asked him to carry on because I knew I was slowing him down.

The next incident happened at the MRC hydration point. It was my biggest and only irritant during the entire run. One of the onlookers on the side of the road was all pumped up and was cheering us on and I was jogging during that point. The bugger literally brought his hands in front of my face and clapped twice I slapped away his hand and continued, though I wanted to slap him too. Bugger if I ever catch him doing that in future I probably might.

Kept running down Greenways Road and when I was running past Dr. MGR Janaki College a policeman was cheering on all the runners. Certainly a happy policeman. Wish we had more such friendly policemen in Madras. But when I saw that policeman cheering on the runners it felt great and it was with that really great feeling I ran over the bridge and finished at the Central Polytechnic Grounds.

But wait, I got the medal but I felt no emotional connect to the run. No joy of having completed a 10k. I realized I was feeling lightheaded and exhausted. Managed to get to the food and down the juice and I surely felt a lot better. After meeting some of the folks from the tower twisters I was headed back home.

It was a good route but the 7am start sure brought in it’s own set of pros and cons. The view of the sunrise from Napier’s Bridge was amazing but the same sun was being cursed by me 30 minutes later. 🙂 Well I should have probably cursed the organizers for scheduling a 7am start for the 10k run. But It was a good run which was well organized and I brought back some lovely memories and one not so lovely memory and of course the beautiful medal. Will be back to run at the TWCM15 even if they start the 10k at 12 noon. Anything for Running and Chennai.

P.S.: The Chennai City Traffic Police (CCTP) does a terrific job in re-routing traffic and helping us run safe. A big thanks to them.