Oh! Pakistan, My Child…

God is a funny fellow and sometimes even the most devout are forced to wonder if there could ever be a Supreme Being.

This post I write for the school children of Pakistan who were massacred in Peshawar.

Dear Children,

Why were you born in Pakistan? Why did you listen to your parents and go to school? Why did you have to be mass massacred. Even goats are slaughtered one at a time. But truly it is all your fault. See Children, you are were young and you committed a lot of mistakes and you had to be killed for all your mistakes. So the Taliban decided to punish you little children for the mistakes that you commited in school and at home. Some of you had refused to do your home-work, some of you back-answered your teachers, some made spelling mistakes and some did not show respect to your fellow students.

It was all your fault. The Taliban was just making an example of you children.

I hope and wish that the Taliban corrects all the children in Pakistan. But I wonder what happens when they have no more children to correct. Will they correct the civilians? What after the civilians? The Government? The Army? How many more people will be made examples of? Will Pakistan, a once fine country cease to exist as you have known it? How can the Taliban’s blood thirst be satiated? How much more blood will appease these demons?

I am so sorry little children I don’t think anyone has the answers to these questions. I definitely do not. I live so very far away from your country. Our cultures are hardly common, our religions are not the same, The children I see here make a lot of mistakes just like you, you children were so happy with the kind of happiness that comes only with childhood. But you are gone and I can’t seem to accept it.

Even though I have questioned the existence of a supreme power, I will still pray to him and ask him to take care of you children. But remember children forgive the Taliban for they know not what they do.

May Your Souls Rest in Peace,

Just Another Indian