Dusk to Dawn Chennai Night Marathon 2014

If I had told myself last December that I would be running in the second half of 2014 I would have definitely laughed at myself. I don’t remember running ever. Even as a kid. I would never run to field while playing street cricket. So invariably I was made the umpire every time I played.

In fact when I started to run in August I did not aim to run even a 5k. But after the Heritage Run I decided that I could run walk and complete any number of kms. My only worry was ending the race last. Clement Williams a blogger friend had been running with this group called Tower Twisters and one day I decided to go run with them. When I started running with the group I could hardly run. Infact I was the guy everyone left behind when they ran. It felt good to be left behind primarily because I preferred running alone. I wanted to do my own thing. Run at my own pace.

In the mean time I had registered for the 10k at Dusk to Dawn and I just wanted to finish it. So in November I ran in the night to Metallica’s ONE in loop. I did finish that run in 93 mins while acknowledging claps from some people who I had met while running with the tower twisters. I finished the run looking at the skies and when I finished and had the medal around my neck I had to literally hold back my tears It was a feeling I am still trying to comprehend. It was not joy, it was not sadness it was something beyond that. It was like a connection with a higher power.

While theTerry Fox Run had me running for a cause, The Heritage Run got me running for Madras. It was at the Dusk to Dawn that I realized that I need to keep running.

I went to the booth where they were giving out the munchies (pun unintended) and I told the droopy eyed fellow manning that stall that I did not want food but 3 bottles of water. I downed all three and headed home, heated up the food that Nandy had ordered for me and went to sleep. It was a lovely night. No one finished last and I had finished a 10k run with a group of about 7000 people.

But it was not until next morning when I figured out what chaffing was.