Odugalee and the goatee

Yes I let it go. The goatee which I have been sporting for the last 14 years and odd months. It was such an integral part of me. I remember my niece going to sleep on my lap rubbing my goatee as a baby. Lots of memories associated with that small piece of hair on my chin.

During my life in Delhi a goatee friend and me decided to shave off our goatees and our moustaches. But before we did that we wanted to get a picture of us with a BRUSH Moustache (Hitler and Chaplin sported them). So the two of us shaved up and started taking photos on my Zenith Film SLR. I loaded the film and in all the excitement I loaded the film upside down 🙂 so 36 snap minutes, 36 poses and a few days later we paid up for the film to negative development only. Someone at the photo lab realised our error and did not print the copies. But we guys had a pretty good laugh about it.

When I joined work in Delhi I decided to shave my hair regularly and I used to keep my goatee trimmed and all neat. I was nicknamed “GOATEE” by my team mates and some people even thought that was my real name. One girl asked me ” Can I feel your head, goatee?” Well, I could never understand why girls wanted to feel a bald head. I realised recently that I had the supply and it was causing demand. Economics at work.

I removed my goatee in September “Beardember” I call that month now. I removed it because I could hardly maintain it. Also it was extremely irritating to get sweat into the beard while running. Yes, I have been running since August and I think I have partly figured out where I am going.

I don’t shave my head completely these days and well I have lost the goatee too. Should I now say that an era has passed.