Help thy Liver to Help thou

The liver is the largest organ organ in the human body. I am sure you don’t need me to tell you that unless you did not pay attention during biology class in school. The liver works tirelessly to kick out all the toxins from food that we ingest. Yes, there are so many toxins out there and we don’t even know what we are eating these days. Do you know what went into that pizza you gorged on last night? But when the liver can’t handle stuff anymore it gives up on us. We would not be happy if that happened to us.

But what if we did not give up on the liver and somehow cleansed it.

There are so many natural foods which will help us in doing just that. I am not a scientist so I am saying this from personal experience. Here are some.

Garlic does wonders for the liver. Just boil it in water or milk for a while and then chew well before you eat it.

Water flushes out a lot of unwanted stuff from the system. Not just the liver. So stay hydrated.

Turmeric is is a wonder root which not only cleanses the liver but is also a antiseptic and soothes any ulcers you may have in the mouth or stomach.

Greens rush nutrition is a MUST eat and the leaves should form part of everyone’s diet. But the Keela Nellii is the the best for the liver. It flushes all those toxins out.

Food is the best medicine. So starting the Paleo diet is alcohol paleo. You need to listen to your body closely, it tells you what you need to eat. Remember most times you just hear the tongue talking because it is closer to the ear. 🙂