Kakoos, Latrine, Lavatory, Toilet

Each of those words mean the same thing to me the place to SHIT.

A healthy body needs to excrete and excrete it does. But at times it tends to get clogged and create problems for the body and the mind too. Similarly when people shit in the open it clogs the smooth functioning of the society. If people in the cities think that open defecation is common only in villages please think again. It happens in every place where there is a huge density in population. People in the Indian metros will agree that open defecation happens not just in slums. Parents let their children defecate in public. Women have to attend natures call in the dark because of lack of toilet facilities. Men claim that there is great pleasure when they get to crap in the open with the breeze caressing their arse.

Several schools in the country don’t have toiletable or any other toilet facilities for girls. Of course the boys can do it in the open. Bus Stands, Railway Stations, Parks there is so much shit everywhere. Dog Shit, Cow Shit, Human Shit, Shit in railway stations. By the way our Railways leaves the shit in the open. You Shit in their stinking Lavatory and it drops right to the track. There is so much shit in railway stations. Someone’s got to clean them. Say hello to the scavengers. People who make a living cleaning shit. See how I put the Shudras in their right place.

If we need to progress as a nation we need to get our shit cleaned.

UNICEF is running the Poo2Loo Campaign. You might wanna check it out.

Also there was this interesting video about a group in Kolkata which hoses people urinating in public. BEWARE!