The Real New Year

January 1st has been celebrated as the start of a New Year for quite sometime now. All the celebrations, all the parties and all the money that is spent to celebrate 11:59pm turning to 12 midnight. Time goes on yet we choose to celebrate this one day. Have spent a few of these to celebrating it with friends and some all alone. Heck I have even celebrated new years on a train from Delhi to Chennai. But ever since the Tsunami of 2004 I have stopped celebrating New Years. I don’t have a reason to do so anymore. I have much on my mind and I prefer to sleep it off these days.

New year sees people taking resolutions, making note of their lives in a diary and most of them eventually go back to their old more familiar ways. But a New Year is actually a New Day, a new hour, a new minute, a new second. These need to celebrated. So remember to celebrate every moment of your life make a difference in someone’s life add some value to the world. In the end you may be forgotten but it is your actions which need to live on.

5 thoughts on “The Real New Year

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  2. Well, to get to the basics, the so called new year day is no different from the other days of the year yet it gives some strange satisfaction to know that we have crossed another milestone in our life and that we are entering another year. Many who started the year did not see the end of the year and so it makes it special for me.

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