Medhu Vadai or Masala Vadai?

There you go. Do you prefer medhu vadai or the masala vadai? But how does one decide on what one wants. Will you go with the choices that have been given or will you give a whole new spin to the vadai.

Some people like to choose from a given set of options. A Menu.

While some people prefer to BE FREE of A Menu.

But why just go with choices that are offered by someone. why not give it your own spin. The simple vadai was thus made into several new tastes. Rasam Vadai, Sambar Vadai, Curd Vadai, Vada Kari, Mor Vadai, Keerai Vadai. But why and when did we stop thinking beyond. Why has not one tried Vadai Kurma, Chocolate Vadai, Nutty Vadai, Mint Vadai, Chutney vadai. Why have we not gone beyond the obvious.

Why stop with the choices that someone offers us?

Vadai is a popular South Indian snack. It becomes a complete meal by itself.

This post is dedicated to my friend Adele who simply loves Vadais.


4 thoughts on “Medhu Vadai or Masala Vadai?

  1. Personally masala vadai with tea and medhu vadai with idly and onion sambar and coconut chutney. My amma makes vazhai-poo vadai which I love 🙂

  2. Hmmmm. What an existential question! I thought one always caters to one’s cravings at that particular moment but you being a food politician have a different spin!

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