I am Right, You are Wrong

I love to help people correct their faulty ways. When employees are at fault I am definitely there to first give them an earful and then I move on to helping them correct their faulty ways.

But to an employee it is usually the negative which is the highlight of the entire conversation. This causes them to dread coming to work, being indifferent and these people work with fear. The problem with fear is their confidence goes down and they tend to make more mistakes.

Who among us does not make mistakes? We all do. But our hierarchy in the organization defines how much we can get away with it. A employee accessing Social Media at work is more likely to get fired than his boss accessing Social Media at work.

Show the person the right way to do things. Don’t approach the right by showing them the wrong.

Thanks to this post in the Vedantic Wednesday Series by my friend Raj K Shankar.

One thought on “I am Right, You are Wrong

  1. Hey Aravind! In a few sentences you have captured some practical truths (especially the one on social media). Happy to know that we connected on similar thoughts. Hope you are doing well otherwise. Keep writing and hope to read more of your experiences.

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