Fairness is in your head.


I was reading this post a while back and I decided to put down my thoughts on being fair-skinned right here. Yes… Keep Reading…

The problem with Indians wanting to be fair skinned is because of the English Language.

When the British ruled India they had a certain sense of righteousness which they tried to keep up and teach similar values to the Indians. Now for example when they wanted to buy cloth from an Indian merchant they would go visit the shop or sometimes even have the wares brought by the merchant to their door step. But just like how any out of towner is taken for a ride by the Chennai Auto-Guys these Merchants would quote exorbitant prices to the Britishers. Now these  folks from England were always warned about the Indian Pricing system even before they had left England for India. So when they heard such exorbitant prices being quoted they would say “Please be fair.”

Now truth be told Indian merchants had no knowledge of English and so after the deal was done they would go visit the Dubaash (A person who worked for the Raj and knows Two Languages. Dho Baasha) to find out what fair means and the dubaash with all his wordly knowledge would say Fair means to be fair skinned. So the merchants would assume that the english sahib or memsahib did not buy his goods because they were not fair skinned. That was the day an Indian came up with an idea for a fairness cream.

Ok. that was just a story. But you get the point, right?

And those of you dark people who think that God has punished you by making you dark and that all your friends make fun of your skin color and you regret being dark then you people should get yourself dipped in molten White Wax.

The same thing Aerosmith sing in his song…

“If you can judge a wise man by the color of his skin then mister, you’re a better man than I”

Fair is good, Black is good infact everything is good. It is the thoughts which lack goodness. You might want to get some goodness in there.

I was at the Indiblogger meet in Chennai on Sunday, May 26th, 2013 and I realized that there is a campaign for telling people that dark is beautiful. I assume that as mankind progresses we would need a campaign to tell us that we are humans.