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Enough has been talked, written and spoken about the movie. My Thoughts are definitely very late but still It’s a thought.

Vishwaroopam is about Vis a.k.a Vishwanathan a.k.a Wisam Ahmed Kashmiri a Tamil Muslim who claims he does not know Arabic and Urudu but gives a sly smile when Nasser asks him if he reads the Quran in English. So he does know Arabic. These are some silly jokes about parentage between Wis and Omar which provides the tamash in the movie. But seriously I don’t understand why Omar and Salim (his sidekick) should talk in Tamil which is not their mother tongue. Actually the Tamil people should have protested against this. Jihadis from Afghanistan talking among themselves in Tamil unheard of before.

Also dear Kamal what’s with Nirupama speaking Iyer tamil and overemphasizing it. I mean the language sounds alien in the given setting. Wish Nirupama was more than just a cleavage showing, iyer tamil speaking, nuclear oncologist who is in the film to tell us about Caesium and Fariday’s Shield. Pooja Kumar has some wonderful expressions and has done a pretty good job in the movie.

Ashmita of Mayavaram the latecomer at the Kathak class who has not had a bath since morning but still smells nice. I think she has about 10 lines in the entire film. A chicken tasting Paapathiamma.

What’s with Wiz, Ashmita and Jegannath telling Nirupama about the box in the closet where her bra is at? Were they trying to point that so much has been going on under Nirupamas nose and she could not see it?

Jegannath Mama, Dawkins, Deepak a.k.a Deep (Yes, he gets into Deep Shit, Well he is killed.) Farook, Salim, Nasser, Taufiq they have all done wonderful jobs. Just wish Dawkins did not have to die.

Two characters who occupy majority of the screen time are Omar and Wiz. Omar’s character is one of those really well developed characters in Cinema. He with his one eye and his bright plan to make New York un-inhabitable for the next 30 years with the “Dirty” Bomb. He claims to be a fighter and he wants his son to be a fighter too. But the only difference is He knows english but he does not like his son learning english.

Wisam Ahmed Kashmiri is a character with a bunch of contradictions. But his role as Nirupama’s husband Viswanathan is one of the best. I mean Kamal proved that he can play the role of a woman in Avvai Shanmughi but with this character he has truly topped it. He plays an effeminate man and he has done it so amazingly well. But just one question. Why put up an act infront of Jegannath, Dawkins and Ashmita who already know his identity. Well, I think he answers that question when he is being beaten up in the warehouse and he cries out “Krishna” even though he is a Muslim. Wisam was lost somewhere in Viswanath.

You cannot expect Ethan Hunt or Bond to be play an effeminate character in their respective movies and even if they played it I don’t think they could play it with such finesse.

I have already watched the movie twice. and I hope to watch it again. Brilliant camera work. Story line is OK. Screenplay could have been slightly better. Kamal the director could have done away with about 15-20 minutes of the movie because it sags slightly at points.

Vishwaroopam – 2 be continued.


5 thoughts on “Wis wah Roopam – My Thoughts

  1. hello Aravind,
    yeah even i found andrea’s role unwanted!!but kamalahasan always uses a character in his films to reflect the thoughts of the audience ,which was what pooja kumar portrayed!!yeah the tamil brahmin slang was over used!!but was enjoyable listening to it!!jihadis speaking tamil,kamal being effiminate on the presence of jeganath and andrea where question marks!!awesome review!!keep them coming.
    -muthiah sriram

  2. When Nirupama talks about Cesium in the van its the first two lines in Wikipedia :P. Wonder how she got her PHD 😛

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