You still use Cutlery? You must be stupid.

Oh yeah this post is to tell you folks why eating with your fingers is best.

The fingers are your own and you know where it has been. You can wash it well before you eat.

The cutlery may not necessarily be yours especially if you are eating out and you can never be sure where it has been.

Some of you may wonder then why use a plate and all the fancy China. I would suggest you use a plantain leaf to eat from. It is much more healthy and very eco-friendly.

Licking your fingers after a meal means you have truly enjoyed your meal. Have you seen people licking their cutlery it looks gross.

If the food is bad you can give them (the cooks/chefs) the finger. If you are using cutlery you still give them the finger. Giving them the cutlery will not really insult them.

So next time you go out REMEMBER that the washed fingers is the best you can eat your food with.

Please don’t worry about what Oprah had to say. She may be dark but she’s still from the USA.

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6 thoughts on “You still use Cutlery? You must be stupid.

  1. Ah, another fan of eating with hands. I can never reconcile eating with forks and knives. Mutton and other meats are best only when eaten with the hand and after that licking away is sheer bliss.

    The post echoed my sentiments. Glad.

    My first time here.

    Joy always,

    P. S: Eagerly awaiting to read your Blog Tag post 🙂 I like the term ‘food politician.’ Partyle edha seat empty a irukka?

  2. hehee I was grinning away reading this.
    Also, using your fingers to eat is an art that is cultivated from birth. SRK in Robot had no idea about that.

    • I have seen people eating paper roast dosa/roti/naan/chappati with fork, spoon and knife at home. All kalikaalam!!!

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