Be Food Aware

You are what you eat though some people also believe “You are what you wear” we will talk about that in another post. Food can bring out a variety of emotions from you. Convenient food, Ready to eat food, Central Kitchens, Fast Food, indian catering services singapore food, there is so much out there. I am overwhelmed by the variety of food products that seem to hog Super Markets these days. It’s sometimes mind boggling the kind of marketing jargons that are used to sell food. Mc Cains is a case in point. Their Tagline says Fresh Banega, Baat Banega. Just think about it, how is it possible for packaged food to be Fresh. I am not against these products themselves, just don’t fall for that marketing talk.
Be food aware. Know what you eat and teach children about the food that they consume. Here is an infographic by Food Revolution about why Food Education is needed.
by FoodRevolution. Browse more infographics.