Of Dreams and Holy Cows

How many of You Dream? No, I am not talking of the Day Dreams that you have in office and then tweet about it. ( Ah! there is a sweet looking curly haired girl at work. Should I ask her out?)

I am talking of dreams that you get when you are in deep sleep. No, not Wet Dreams. Real Dreams where you dream of being chased by Monsters, where you dream of flying to outer space in your caped suit and UV protected sun glasses and maybe a dream where you have no clue what is happening. How many of you have had dreams where you have romanced a sweet looking girl with curly hair? Strangely I never have. But I have had dreams where I have been yelled at, where I am in some alien land with monsters surrounding me and I am going to be attacked.

Some of you may say that a dream in which you are about to be attacked is not a dream but a nightmare. For it to be a nightmare you should be afraid, very afraid and wake up sweating and yelling and maybe wetting yourself. I don’t get scared of silly things when I dream.I probably did have nightmares as a kid, sadly I don’t remember what I dreamt of as a child. But I have been known to speak in some alien language at least that’s what my parents and brother had to say. So I believe I am from another planet and am here for the view.

But the views in this place where I am at is nothing to talk to my alien brothers about. So my talking in alien language in the middle of the night has drastically gone down (According to Nandini) and I seem to be snoring these days. Yes monotonous snoring. Which means I have nothing to talk about to my alien brethren. My views of the Hindus Majority in this country is pathetic. Look at it this way, the cow is the holy animal of this land and it is an animal which provides. Cow slaughter is looked down upon in this country but it is allowed to roam the city roads, streets, National Highways pretty much everywhere. No one bothers about the cow until some wicked people (read moslems, christians, catholics and non-believers) kill it for food. Some of these Hindus even consider them to be the Devil. Why, because they don’t conform to their way of life. Same story with other groups in this land. If you are a pig eater you are looked down upon by the moslems. We keep looking down so much in this country that we have forgotten what the sky looks like. Ok that last sentence strike it out.

The point of this post is ” I had a dream, a vivid one” last night. I dreamt that Mihir (@felinetendency), Sathyanarain (@msnarain) and me were at a restaurant in Bangalore (Not Koshy’s) ordering Chilly Beef and eating like crazy people. I can still see Mihir licking his fingers and Narain licking his plate off. The only thing that did not fit into the whole picture is that I am a vegetarian. Still wondering what the dream means.

Why do we dream when our thoughts mean nothing, And when will we learn to control. Serenity, Godsmack

Here are two things that I’ve realized about dreaming

Dreams have no beginning and no end. ( Like I do not remember how I got to that restaurant in Bangalore nor do I remember where we went after we finished eating the beef. But I do remember that the table cloth was cream in color and was made of lace.)

Dreams are mostly in colour though some people claim to dream in Black and White (guess they are stuck in the 60’s)

Now time to figure out how to make my way to Star Rock Cafe where Duality is playing on June 29th 2012. Here is Mihir’s Tweetcall for the show. Hope to meet up with Sathyanarain too and maybe those guys will eat beef. 🙂


Self promotion tweet: 25 tickets for Duality/Whitelady on 29th June at Star Rock. Rs. 300 (includes a drink) Pick them up asap

6 thoughts on “Of Dreams and Holy Cows

  1. the call of the beef? now i can better understand your decision to visit Perambur…ostensibly to check out free wif-fi…

  2. Who is that curly-haired girl, Aravind who found a double time mention in your post?

    Well, all that is forbidden can be relished in dreams — whether curly-haired girl or fat-filled beef!

    Joy always,

    • Curly haired girl and Sweet looking Girl are two different girls liked by two twitter friends. I decided to make them one for the sake of the post. 🙂

      I would rather fight some monsters in real life.

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