Titan Eye plus and what I learnt



Well, I quit using spectacles when I was in my 10th class. Thats when I shifted to contact lenses. But for all you spectacle users those numbers on the sides of frames denote something after all.

So the numbers you see in the picture are 53/16/140 so what do them numbers mean?

53 is the width of the each eye piece.

16 is the width of the nose bridge

140 is the length of the sides.

All these measurements are in millimetres.

Choosing the right frame is as crucial as getting the right lenses for the frame.

Always check eye centre, lens centre and frame centre with an optometrist or an eye doctor before you go about choosing a frame. Fancy frames sure look nice but make sure what you are buying is good for you and for your eyes.

Titan Eye plus does some brilliant work helping you select your frame. I had an awesome  experience at their store in Shanthi Colony, Anna Nagar. The store manager Mr. Parameshwaran was very patient and he had good knowledge of the frames he was handling. Such people make shopping so comfortable  and they actually let the customer make an informed decision. Thanks Parameshwaran it was a pleasure shopping at your store.

And yeah people I am going for change in looks. Soda bottle lenses are back in style. 🙂

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