Donut House, Egmore

Donuts – Have ever wondered what the holes are for? Well if you have not figured that out you should definitely visit Donut House not because they promise to answer that question but simply because you will forget the question in the first place.


Well let’s start from the beginning.


Eye Pleasers:  Each donut is an eye pleaser. (Take a look at the Alien I looked at it for a long time before I could put my heart into cutting it.) If you are a shape and colour junkie like me you will keep staring at those donuts longingly.
The Donuts: The donuts are light by themselves. Though some of them felt chewy and some just melted in the mouth. (People look for consistency in the food they eat I don’t. Not everything can taste and smell the same all the time. If it does then it gets boring.)


Most of the donuts are the basic chocolates and fruit flavours butI felt like a school boy in a toffee shop, undecided what to choose. Simply because of the choices that they presented me with Windows and doors Hamilton. But choose I did.


So which donuts were my favourites?
The Italian Spices Donut with cheese filling topped with Cheese and herbs and Nice and warm with a cheesy filling which just melts in your mouth. This is a must try.

The Alien oozes chocolate into your mouth from the first bite. There is so much chocolate that it will overwhelm your taste buds.


These two were clearly my favourites. Not just for the taste but also the way they seduced my visual senses.

There were a couple more donuts that appealed to me. The custard filled Donut and the Coffee Almond roasted Donut.


So what else do you get here? Yeah I know some of you are just not satisfied with only donuts and want something more. So here you go.

Porridge, Pancakes, Sandwiches, Coffees, Teas, Shakes and Spiritzers.


So if these don’t appeal to you and if donuts are well… errrr not your piece of donut; you should go visit this place simply for see the way donuts are being made and hang out with friends.

You would be surprised to see Bhuvanesh the owner overlooking the making of the donuts. A very unassuming fellow who will listen to your feedback and tell you what donuts are supposed to look and taste like.

Donut House has some Introductory Offers.

1. Buy 5 donuts and get the 6th one absolutely free.                                                                2. Buy 12 donuts and they will accept money only for 9.                                                              They also accept online orders HERE

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This review was organized by the Chennai Food Guide.

Donut House, G1, 53, Wellingdon Estates, Ethiraj Salai, Egmore, Chennai 600008                  Phone: +91 44 42656426

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