Milky Way – Dr. Alagappa Road

Milky Way has been my favourite ice cream parlor since 1995. Their softy’s have helped me while away my time while gaping at the college girls in awe.

Over the years I have been enjoying softy’s at their outlet on Ethiraj Salai.

So when I heard that they had opened a new joint opposite Ewarts School, Purasawakkam I decided to go visit. They had an inaugural offer of buy one get one free. Ordered a choco cherry sundae.

Most of their sundaes have a cake in them. So as I sat slurping on the softy (which was yummy as usual) and eating the cherries in glee I scooped up a bit of the chocolate cake and dumped it in my mouth. It was the most yucky cake I had ever eaten. I am sure it was a 10 day old cake. I stopped eating the sundae and asked Nandhini to taste the cake. Same result. So we did not want to create

So stick to the softy’s here.

The interiors are nice and bright. The staff are still learning to make the sundaes and the place gets crowded with loud school kids discussing their math problems.

Milky Way
Dr. Alagappa Road ,
Inside the Cup’o’ Cafe compound
Opposite Ewarts School

STICK to their SOFTY’S and Ice Creams.

2 thoughts on “Milky Way – Dr. Alagappa Road

  1. Hey the way u wrote Choco Cherry Sundae… i wanted to have it so much but at the end…you dashed all my hopes… thanks anyway buddy… So how is married life… have nt spoken much after your wedding thats why so late… btw the u ve got great guts to oogle at school children right in front of your wifey!!! he he he jus kidding

    • Oh my god… Me looking at school girls? I just said school kids. Met vadapoche twice after my wedding. let’s meet sometime… Would love to meet your kid…

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