India and Corruption, Blame yourselves!

So a lot of internet using Indians have come to believe that Anna Hazare an ex-army man who could create a model village will now be able to change the evolved DNA of our nation. Let’s say Anna Hazare does succeed and the Jan Lokpal Bill is passed then what? Will corruption end in our country in lets say 10 years. Impossible… This is what will happen in every day India.

1. Did you know that without corruption there will be NO autos running on the road today. Why do we people in Chennai get into an Auto even though we know that he is fleecing us by not using the meter? Convenience my friends. I don’t want to go through the process of looking for the next auto or use the bus. Because I don’t have the time to do so. I am a mighty busy man and I have to rush. No Time No Time… is the mantra, All the Time.

2. Ok, so I am at the bus – stop and waiting for the bus (ofcourse not trying to line maro the girls there Nandhini will kick me you see. ) so the bus is coming in and I see that the bus driver who is sitting in his mighty seat has decided to stop 50 mtrs away from the bus stop. I go rushing and jostling so I can get a place to stand/sit in the bus. If passengers don’t board the bus the driver and conductor will not have a job, will they? But no I don’t have time for that either.

I don’t see the point in one man #Anna #Hazare asking the government to pass the Lokpal Bill. Infact I don’t see much change even after the Lokpal bill is passed. (Don’t get me wrong I am so proud that a 70 year old man is fasting asking for the rights of an entire nation) I will still do things the way I have always done them. Because today I know of people who have a fixed budget to pay as bribe to traffic cops.

Activity for you

ask THIS  BOY to get his license before he touches his bike again and I promise you, we will be a far better nation the very next day. This is his Twitter Page…

It is not like I wanted to pick on him. He is a brother to me. But then there are thousands of such people who ride without a license. Even some of the smarter girls (girls are smarter and much more clever than the men folk) think it is cool to ride/drive without a license. (BTW Women make the best drivers, No I am not a feminist)

In a democracy if I dont care about my wrong doings, those governing me will not be bothered either. Please do understand that public servants and our Chor leaders have become so because I let them become thieves. I need to change before I ask anyone else to change.Till then no point going to Marina Beach, Gandhi Statue at 5pm on the 9th of April 2011 unless you want to gawk at that crow shit on the statue of Gandhiji.

I will BE THE CHANGE. Will you?

P.S. : All those freedom fighters got us freedom, look what I have made of it.  If Anna Hazare gets us this Lokpal Bill in place, I will find ways and means of twisting it to my convenience. Because in a country of a Billion I need to be on my toes so I don’t have to be a slumdog. Unless I will BE THE CHANGE.