Raja’s Affair (With the 2G Spectrum)

Who is Missing in This Picture? Right answer gets Lindt’s Chocolate

In a country of a billion plus people of which 40% are earning less than a Rs. 50 a day. It is a sad to hear some smart as an ass politician duping the ex-chequer of more than a lakh crore rupees(Trust me I am having a hard time counting the zeroes) and getting caught. It is insulting to the people who bought these parties to power.

Raja is a no one. He is a mere puppet and he has been used so much that the ropes that were attached to his limbs have been cut-off and he has fallen into the trap. But rest assured some people are happy he has been arrested and some have said all this is just humbug and a simple eye-wash.

Now how does a Magician perform a trick? Mis-direction!

Karunanidhi is one of the greatest political magicians of all time (evil none the less) Raja is the misdirection. Now wait for him to pull the rabbit out of his yellow shawl and then we can all clap our hands and applaud him. Because at this age he can still control Azhagiri who is a major political storm in Madurai, Stalin who has been touted to be his political heir, Kanimozhi who I believe is the cause of all this problem and the entire DMK party.

At the cost of being called sexist (though I am far from it) I am going to say this, in Tamil there is a saying… “Penn Budhi Pinn Budhi” meaning a woman’s mind is a backward mind. Well there are several rumours of the alleged affair between Raja and Kanimozhi (frankly, I don’t care). This could possibly be a factor in this whole looting affair.

But Raja’s merciless disregard for the common man, Karunanidhi’s support for Raja, and the involvement of the corporates disgusts me.

We don’t live in a democracy. We live in a country where corruption is the law. I have nothing against these politicians. But the way things are it is just pathetic and the people look like a bunch of jokers in this world.

By the way till the very end we will never know if Raja is actually guilty.

And Arindam Chaudhuri is another story…

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