Body to Soil, Life to Tamil. Long live Tamil.

World Tamil Conference

Tamil is my mother tongue, But I cant write the language. I can read it, though only if I have to. My Hindi reading skills are supposedly better. I have read Kabir’s Dohas and short stories by Hindi writers. I do actually understand them.

I never wanted to learn Tamil in school. Simple reason I was not going to get value addition because of it. I studied french so I could show off to girls in other schools by asking “Parlez vous Francais?” With Tamil all I could do was read some awesome literature which is among the best in the world. But which girl wants to talk to a Tamil speaking guy. Had I studied Tamil and had I described to a girl how beautiful she is in Tamil she would have given me a weird look and moved on to the guy with the fake fucked up accent.

Anyways I was wondering about how the government has forced people to have company name boards in Tamil also in view of the World Classical Tamil conference happening in Coimbatore. If your name board does not have Tamil there then down it goes or you better cover up the board because English or any other language in which your company board is written is a dirty language. It is a language that the illiterate can’t understand. A lot of criticism has been doing the rounds. I say keep it simple. Write it in whatever Language the company feels is appropriate.

I am sure We can display door numbers prominently. I am sure everyone understands numbers. Place the door number for any address prominently with the street address on every house/office. (For us door nos. are a miniscule thing that we put on the pillar adjoining the gate). So once we have the address system right we should not have a problem with the Tamil, English, French, Dutch. You get an address and you find it. It is really very simple. Anyone can find it. you don’t have to be an university educated person. Also display street names prominently in English, Hindi and Tamil at the corner of every street. Please make sure that politicians and film-makers don’t stick their brilliant faces on top of those. Now all that would make life easy right. Instead of going around bullying people to bring down what they have spent money on.

And for God’s sake Chamiers Road is easier to say than Pasumpon Muthuramalinga Thevar Salai. I am glad that he was not conferred any honorary doctorates or the road would have had a Dr. in front (BTW I think it is the lengthiest name for a road in Chennai). Just like Greenways road has been renamed Dr. D.G.S. Dinakaran Salai.

Stop imposing people with what they have to do. No one likes it. Especially not us Indians. We will realize what we are missing after a while. Just like I realized that I can hardly read Ponniyin Selvan by Kalki. What a story? I had to read it in English. The Tamil version is supposed to be awesome. I understand it because no one, not even the best English to Tamil translator can do justice to Shakespeare’s works!

Now let me try and read Ponniyin Selvan in the way it was meant to be read. In THAMIZH! Nandhini here I come!!! 🙂

Also do read mollamaari thambi’s and jalsa paiyyan’s take on this. Also check out #brandsintamil

And of course please do visit the Ulaga Thamizh Semmozhi Manadu

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  2. This language issue is very relevant to me because I grew up forced to take french all through school because it is the second official language of Canada. It has been useless. All the official government signs in Canada are in french and English but only one province is French. Anyway, good article.

  3. Surprising at it sounds, percentage, people going to English medium in Tamil Nadu as a state is a minority. So Pure Tamil boards are close to what the majority of students Tamil Nadu as a state study in school. The people having the ability to read these blogs are not what represents the average person on the street.

    Majority in Tamil Nadu may have studied in Tamil, but further surprising is the average literacy and general knowledge level in the state. TAMIL HAS THE HIGHEST COMPUTER, MEDICAL, COMPETITIVE EXAM AND RELIGIOUS MAGAZINE THAT ANY LANGUAGE IN INDIA. TAMIL PUBLISHING INDUSTRY IS THE BIGGEST IN INDIA. A visit to Chennai or Bangalore book fairs will give you a clear picture of this.

    Transliterated boards from English into Tamil are not Tamil nameboards, that is why government wants a translation and not a transliteration.

    Also the directive also allows you to put nameboard in any language you want, but Tamil (translation) should be given prominance.

    It is not like in Karnataka, where they break shops with Tamil nameboards.

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