Of Chennai Traffic

Well nothing can be done with the reckless way that people drive on Chennai roads. It is becoming worse these days. No concern for the fellow road user has been there for quite a while in Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai and Hyderabad.

I don’t claim to be Mr. Perfect Driver But what I witnessed last night was a show of power, Show of I am BIG, show of I give a shit of you cars and bikes.

So Yeah It was three lanes and one bus in each of those lanes and they were having a bloody race. The MTC bus (Route no 54) decided to get to the car lane and over-take the other two. Problem was I was driving my car and I was fast being cornered by the MTC vestibule bus (Route no. 18) and the and Route no 54. Now there were cars and autos and bikes behind me, honking themselves to madness. All because three bus drivers had decided to race on Mount Road (Anna Salai). I literally rolled down my car window and yelled at the vestibule bus driver. The conductor and passengers heard me yell and asked the driver to stop. and the bus stopped right in the middle of the road and meanwhile I moved to the adjacent lane and zipped off cursing the MTC drivers, The Chennai City Traffic police and ofcourse road users in this city.

We are a set of people who get really aggressive everywhere. That’s what the system teaches us, be first, be aggressive or you will be left behind. Trample a few people and get to the top. We are people with a crowd mentality because we are one huge crowd. Actually second largest crowd in the world!

I have wondered if we get the crowd mentality, aggressive nature from our days of oppression under the British Raj. But then if that’s true why cant we leave our past behind. Well we cant leave our past behind because our present is hopeless and our future is bleak, unless we step back and chill down a bit.

Follow the road rules, they are pretty simple.

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  1. Hey,

    Your concern is very valid & that’s the concern of lot of us. But there are lot of background this to the route of this issue. First each one of us should stick to fair amount of traffic rules. And if you happen to oppose the MTC Bus drivers it’s turning into bloody politics where the Unions, political parties will pitch in.. But the government should make it mandatory that their drivers follow traffic rules, if not send them memo’s and if a particular driver accumulates certain number of memo’s send him on suspension.

  2. Hey Prakash,

    I see your point here. In fact I was discussing with my wife about why bus drivers are so arrogant! I say don’t suspend them. Fire them. Government should have the Guts to do that. Not fall for some political stunts.

  3. Hi Aravind,

    Just imagine the MTC buses racing in the narrow lanes along the Guindy – Vadapalani route where most part of the road is blocked due to the ongoing metro rail project. I drive on that route everyday. I ride a two wheeler with front disc brakes and hence alive to narrate this! Its the same case with every driver(including me). Atleast we should make sure we don’t pass this herd mentality to the next generation!


  4. This is a common occurrence here in bnagalroe and even more so around pedestrian crossings where they think theyre michael schumachers… my theory for this? firing squad 😉

  5. @Harish Hmmmm ride safe man. 100ft road has become one crazy place to drive/ride especially with the ongoing metro rail project.Hope you are using a helmet.

    @Anisha Pedestrians are treated like shit on India roads. It is as if they dont exist. You know the reason for that is too much supply, hence no demand. So as you say bring on the firing squad. 🙂

  6. Very true Aravind!! I am a pretty new driver who was taught to follow all the traffic rules, go in the lane where you are going and not make random turnoffs as my mind commands that time etc… and i see these bus drivers zipping here and there trying to cut you off.. they dont think that they are having a big vehicle but think there is only a cycle kinda so not bothered when they cut a vehicle.. the tail end might hit my car… i would not say only bus drivers.. they are worse.. but then check the autos etc… no one follows traffic rules… red or amber everyone wants to cross the signal and when we try to stop i get such a big honking…:)…if everyone follows traffic rules chennai roads will be a better place to live …

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