And he blushed

So what if I am busy getting ready to be married to Nandhini. So what if I have told her that I need to sleep tonight. I do need some time out to blog.

Though I am not that great at relationships with anyone (someone told me that I do not fit into society) I do have some thoughts on relationships and here are my 2 pennies.

Men are attracted to Women and vice versa maybe the way you deal with them and the way you relate to them maybe different but bottom line is “Opposites Attract”

Not everyone let’s you be the way you are. You are judged split open and analyzed. It is a given and most people talk about it (mostly behind your back). Some call it gossip some call it girl talk, some call it men talk…

Some are shy and will end up lying to people about the non existent relationships they had with bearded women.

Some will just yap their way to the grave like they have no feelings for anyone. Because “The person who cares less, is the most powerful in a relationship”

Then there are some who are so childish that they have lost track of reality and they live in fantasy land.

But the kind I like most are people who like someone and cant tell it out loud, who when reminded that they like a particular someone they simply blush…

I can’t believe I wrote about relationships. Because I am the kind who does not care about relationships. It is just another word.

If I have picked an example I can assure you that the person is alive and not dead at the time of me writing this. This is not fiction but it is hard facts, unlike my buddy in crime who writes 80% fiction 20% fact.

5 thoughts on “And he blushed

  1. Nice!! and if I am right on who this “shy person” should be more like “when reminded that they ARE LIKED by a particular someone they simply blush…”

  2. You have good assessment skills when it comes to observing relational behavior. Sometimes the person who cares the most will make the relationship work (or make it last). The beneficiaries are the whole family.

  3. i know! agreeing with kavitha… n wat the hell the shy person is Sathya Narain!! 😀 *claps*….hu ha ha.. n u dare touch ma fone again sathya! 😛

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