Dark Fantasy

He turned around expecting to see darkness but his pupils shrunk with the focussed beam of light which hit him in the centre of the eye. He flinched for a moment because he did not understand where that beam came from. It did not seem to have a beginning but the small pupil of his eye which was illuminated to a bright brown seemed to be the end.

He decided to follow the light  to it’s origin. He tried moving out of the light’s path but no he could not, his eyes started to burn and he could not bear the pain. He had not felt such pain or suffering before, nor had he heard of such suffering. His voice drained itself in the light, his body seemed to merge with the light. He felt like he was about to become god, a supreme power which people believed to be the source of all joy and suffering. So if he was about to become god should he be feeling the pain? But yeah the pain was as real as the darkness. He tried closing his eyes but he could not. It simply refused to close. It was like he had lost control over his bodily functions. Something warm and sticky seemed to flow down his leg and onto the ground. No he could not move to see what it was.

Then the pain seemed to go away he seemed to have reached his destination but he had not moved from that spot for the last 30 minutes. He knew the exact time because the sky showed him a star lit Analog Clock. The time was 3:10pm.  That was the trigger for him to come out of the Alpha state. He closed his eyes.

He tried to open his eyes but he could not. They seemed to be sealed shut. Wax was dripping from the candle above his eyes and it had encompassed his entire body. He thought he was becoming god, now all he could hear was the MOO of a buffalo.

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