Rakhi Sawant, Mayawati and a Swayamvar


Marriages are made in Heaven but this one is made in the IDIOT BOX

I keep hearing the name Rakhi Sawant every once in a while. But it was not until a few months back that I got to see her. One fine day I was at work slogging my ass off, when I goth this call from a friend “Rakhi’s in town”, she said and I was like “Rakhi got over in August, and I refuse to accept you as my Rakhi Sister” to which an upset but excited voice said “No Dumbo, I am talking about Rakhi Sawant the actress , in flesh and blood, she is shooting for a Tamil Film Item Number” and a least bothered me said “So, What?”, now, guys never ignore a girls’ excitement with a “so what?” kind of question they will ignore you after that unless…

So she goes on “It is ok if you don’t want to see her, but I need your camera so I can take photos of her.” Ah no wonder she even bothered to call me. So then I ask her “So come home and pick it up. I don’t have a problem giving you my camera” and here was the smart one “No, please come to the old Gaiety Theatre Complex and give it to me.” anyways the gentleman that I am  decided to go over and see why even girls were going ga ga over Rakhi Sawant.

So I enter the sets and I see this woman in really skimpy clothes and sweltering in the Chennai heat. My friend was jumping among the crowd of onlookers and her excitement was so visible that I decided to give her the camera and rush out before she did anything embarrassing. She snatched the camera from my hand and just ran into the crowd. Now you may think why I did not react to my camera being used like this. Read on… Now this friend of mine is really short so she could hardly take any photos so she came searching for me again.”Oi! you should be helping me with taking photos.” I took the camera into my hands unwillingly and walked into the crowd. which was leering at Ms. Sawant’s assets which looked like bread ready to pop out of the toaster, Took some photos which came out all shaky, turned walked back to my friend thrust the camera in her hand and walked out. This was exactly the time when I started hating

Rakhi Sawant – The Woman with more bust than brain.

While this happened sometime back. Something on twitter caught my attention recently. Ever since I have become a twitter addict I have been getting to read a lot of news there. This was how I came across #suemaya , I was asked by my friend @streetanchor to join the fight against Mayawati. How can Mayawati be so dumb? I think there should be a Dumb Politicians Network (DumP Net) and people like Mayawati, Jayalalitha and the other displaced(thanks @just_reva for the word) politicians should join in and think about how to cheat the people without getting caught. A Political Social Media Network. I am sure they will find it useful to exchange such ideas and also be a black book of sorts for Upcoming Dumb Politicians.

Maybe It is not Rakhi who should be having a Swayamvar? Maybe it is Mayawati!!!

Apparently these are the Photos from the Set I had been at. It is a Tamil Movie called “Muthirai” for which Ms. Sawant was doing an Item number.

I did not pass on my camera, Ofcourse not. It was this guys’ camera. This guy who plays “Guess whose fart?”

Well this post has nothing to do with this or Section 377 of the Indian Penal Code.

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  2. lol..ur article is pretty amusing…and seriously wts wrong with this Rakhi Sawant girl…I checked out the show because so many of my friends kept telling me that whenever I feel low, i should listen to her talking on any TV show..hehe…AND i guess they were right…She is so ridiculous… watching her on a reality show does cheers you up because you can just stop wondering how unbelievably DUMB she is!!

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