Born Into Brothels


One Morning, One Documentary, an emotional experience. I have seen quite some shit and I have hardly been moved by it. I have always felt that shit is part of life. But I was watching a Documentary this Morning “Born into Brothels” I could not believe what I saw. I could not see it. It was hard to see the life led by children of sex workers also called prostitutes. This is supposed to be the worlds oldest trade. (I don’t think so though.) I saw children talking about becoming part of the Line. Children who matter of factly say that they know what their mothers do behind the closed curtains. These Children were given cameras and taught photography by Zana Briski. I don’t know who this woman is but it is hard to stay in a place like Sonagachi looking at these things happening  I broke down after watching her documentary How did this lady work with them day in and day out? How did she keep her sanity? Forget Zana Briski. I have a friend Reva Ananda who has worked with children of sex workers in Sonagachi too. I am going to be asking her to write her experiences. I don’t know if she will but yeah I will check for sure.

People have views on Red Light Districts and Sex workers. But what is the kind of recognition that’s given to them. When the parents are not respected in the society then how will their children ever be. I am of the firm belief that whatever shit happens anywhere in this world (let the Tigers kill the Lions and then get annhiliated by the Lions. Let the Osamas ram air crafts into buildings) but children should not suffer. Why should a child hear her next door aunty yelling “I know you slept with your son”  at her mother. What kind of mental torture would a child go through? Each time they hear coarse language being used and seeing their mother in several states of undress, I am sure these kids grow up faster mentally they become numb to the pains that they experience. I am going to be researching a bit on Sex Workers and see what kind of life they lead.What happens to the children? There is way too much thats happening. I am unable to see what happens to children.I do understand that this has been happening for Centiries now. But I wanna find out if poverty is really the reason why it is happening. There are several unanswered questions that I would like to find answers for. This Documentary is very strong. It hit me heard between my eyes.

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    • I dont think the Government wants to ever stop prostitution. I think they should make it legal. It will make more sense…

      @nadhiyamali Yeah it is heart wrenching but what can be done. Need to look into this. Welcome to my blog

      @JollyRoger Thanks dude. I hope I can do something about it.

  1. Born Into Brothels Kids Sue Filmmakers! (Calcutta newspaper, August 2008)

    Yes, it’s true.

    Born Into Brothels is a story of lies, half truths, distortions and exploitation. I invite you to read the newest blog and numerous other articles written on the hidden story behind the Hollywood-blessed “documentary.” You read, you decide. It’s your call.

    The blog can be found at

  2. The return of some into their old lifestyle was disheartening for me when I saw this documentary. However, it did make me think. We can easily stand on our pedestal, above it all and pass judgement on this lifestyle but there are people who view this just as work, a way to earn a living. Just a rhetorical question: how is this different than the labor performed by the bricklayers, mine workers, etc. some of them children. Human bondage.

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