For the last few weeks my blog was inaccessible. It was extremely frustrating to think everyday that I need to work on my blog restore it. I tried a zillion complicated things and then asked Sathyanarain to help me. He tried a billion things but no solution in sight and I was ashamed to call myself a wordpress power-user. But then tonight sleep depravity got one fresh idea and it was so simple so easy that I was sure that it would work. So after weeks of meddling around, the solution just popped into my head at about 0245hrs today.

My Blog is back and I have taken a vow that I will take care of my blog and her readers. I am sure you have noticed the changes. At The Altar is going here and this blog has been re-christened “Aravind Kumar’s Blog”. I don’t know if I can manage to write in two places. But I have plans laid out. So Wait and Watch.

2 thoughts on “New!

  1. Hey Aravind, Good to see u back with new blog, new look et al. Now I have to do something about mine too. Anyways, news from me is that I am back to Chennai for good with new job. Yipeee! Hope all the fun events and parties u had in my absence will continue even after I move in. Where has ur office shifted to? What else news?

  2. Yayayayayayayaya!!!! Sowmya is back in town. Yeah we had stopped BA meetings because you were not here. NOw that you are here. We meet this month Last Sunday as usual…

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