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I had given up painting and Sketching a long time ago. But there has been a sudden renewal of interest and I have been scribbling a while now. This is Weird Art. So let’s see some weirder comments. I have an Oil Painting which I am willing to give away (No Not the one shown here). I don’t know on what basis I am giving it away. But the basis will be weird. May not be the greatest piece of art But…

CLICK HERE to see the Actual Sketch

P.S. : This is a work of art. And if you see things and make interpretations please leave comments so i know.

This piece of work is not meant to hurt anyone.

Update : This piece of Digital Art has been published at the Chai Kadai ( I submitted it to them) Thanks Tea Master 🙂

20 thoughts on “Weird Art

  1. @ Well Once upon a time I wanted to be a painter! Strange where I got to in life.

    @ Sudhamshu Hmmmmmm No way this is a April Fool’s Joke. What made you think it is one?

  2. Hey never knew u painted! Now for some interpretations …
    My first thought was that this looked like a bat inspired by the old Amitabh song (saara zamana) where he wears this dress full of light bulbs.
    And on seeing your original sketch i am inclined to think you r planning to start a cult of some sort and this is ur symbol…Skull Gang typo stuff

    Can u enlighten us mere mortals of the true meaning of you art???

  3. Like it !!
    It looks like a spear/arrow defense shield!!
    But ur original sketch looks like an UFO (after I began to relate it to the alien and the weirdo person near the alien,laughing)
    P.s Do u have a true meaning to the picture? or was it completely random?

  4. @ Sowmya Thanks for the kind comment. Thanks for your Interpretations too. Form your own Interpretations of the weirdness. 🙂

    @Aiswarya Hey I did not even know that you follow my blog regularly. It is not random. And I am still surprised that people cant see the mass of symbold there.

  5. looks like the rorschach inkblot test but my perspective i see the arsenal logo probably because thats all ive been hearing these days but i like it… you should do this more often its very creative!!!

    what did you have in mind with this?

  6. At first look it looks like “kathi kappal” the one which we used to make when we were kids in paper.

    At second look it looks like a beak of a bird diving in the water.

    Do let me know what was on your mind 😛

  7. @rahul Thanks for stopping by.I did not sketch it because I was bored. I took time off to do it. But as I said the weirdness is in the eyes of the beholder.

    @Aloysius Welcome da!!!Kathi kappal is a new one. and I used to love making it. Beak of a bird diving in water. is another unique one. Did you see the original one?

  8. Yeah, I did see the original one. It reminds me of how I used to scribble when I was at school. I used to draw all the movie names poster. Damm I am not sure whr I kept them now. But, those days are certainly gone for me now.

  9. @Aloysius Yeah scribbling is fun.I had some 50 water colors that I did while I was in school they became food for the lizard. I simply did not know how to store them. 🙁

  10. congrats on beings published @ chai kadai 🙂 have u sold off the painting yet?

    and btw, this is the first time i’m commenting on ur blog 🙂

    • Hey Anjana, Just got my Blog Back on track. Thanks for your kind wishes. IT is not really a painting. It is more of Digital Art. Nope I don’t know if it is buy-worthy. What’s your opinion?

  11. Never knew you painted …

    my interpretations

    1. i see the fierceness in it
    2. i see crude and cruel animals in it
    3. i see the glare in it

    i got it .. its the crude cruel fierce glare .. am i right

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