The Automan Cometh

A few Months Back (Yeah Yeah!!! I have not blogged in a while) I was having a conversation with a colleague at work and she said Personal blogs are Sad Stories. This one is for you lady!!!

Recently I have become an auto aficionado. Autos for those of you who do not know are three wheeled Vehicles which can take you on a trip or take the trip out of you and yes Auto guys tend to take you for a ride. Autos in Chennai don’t go by the meter it is good old bargaining which works.

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Wave a Auto down, Give him your destination then ask him how much it will cost. Let’s take my normal route Kilpauk to T.Nagar Say he asks you for Rs. 100 you do a small calculation 100 divided by 2 which is 50 and subtract 10 from that. So you will quote 40Rs. (Don’t think it is ridiculous If He goes by the meter it will not cost anything more than 35Rs. Now the autoguy will be shocked and will normally mumble jumble and proceed) If he does not I will assure you he is ready to bargain and can be brought to go on a ride for 45Rs.

Trust me there is nothing wrong in arguing for even 1Re or 2Rs. It is hard earned money after all. If you hate the auto guy and don’t want to have some fun torturing them feel free to take a bus back home. I do that sometimes or better still walk back home.

One of my friends actually tells that she is a college student and that her dad does not giver her enough pocket money. Interesting Story but I would not be able to tell something like that and get away with it.

Have some more Tips, Incidents coming up…
Comments, tips and real life incidents are welcome.

Have fun using public transport.

6 thoughts on “The Automan Cometh

  1. Heyy nice to see u blogging after ages! I can’t agree with you more…Chennai auto guys are a law unto themselves. If there is no traffic and u reach early they say -” I got you so early…gimme 10 bucks extra”. and if there is traffic and u get delayed big time, they say – ” so much traffic, ma. 10 potu thanga ma” Gaaaaaaaaah! What is one supposed to do??

  2. @ Jollyroger well I still have fun just by talking with them

    @Kadambari I am always in for fun. I even give them the distance in kms and it is always wrong. They get stumped with the numbers i quote.

    @ Sowmya Thanks for reminding me to blog more often. Well never let those auto guys get the better of you. It is a mind and time game. You need some training. Buzz me the next time you are i Chennai.

  3. oh you forgot to mention.. these auto guys will take you for a longer ride if they feel you seem innocent!

    good reading ur blog after ages!

  4. Interesting piece of advice, as a foreigner in Chennai I get charged at least double what the normal cost is. Since I rely on auto’s to get around it gets pretty tiring a) explaining for 10 minutes that you want to go to Spencer Plaza and b) spending the next 20 minutes refusing to pay 150 bucks for the privilege of taking me there!

    I moan at length about auto drivers on my blog!

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