Valentines Day – The Conspiracy Theory

valentines-dayPeople think that Mr. Muthalik is against Valentines Day. Well I think he is completely for it and is in fact promoting it. Mr Muthalik has just been trying to brain wash the junta into believing that Valentines day is not part of the Indian Culture. The truth is Mr. Muthalik has either been paid by the huge gift and greeting card companies (you know who they are) because the Internet Savvy crowd hardly sends physical cards.The internet savvy boys and girls are sending virtual cards and trying to get physical.

The Other thing is Ram Sena has a blog to which I don’t care to link to. It is a sad blog which I request you not to search for because the second conspiracy theory is that he does not get enough hits on his blog. And just the celebrity status seeking blogger or politician or the keeper of women in their right place, that Mr. Muthalik wants his blog to feature in the first page of google search results. TRUE STORY.

All that apart, something else has been happening too. Yes it is the Pink Chaddi Campaign. The idea is that pink chaddis are going to be mailed to Mr. Muthalik( I wonder who the Pink chaddi companies paid , for this) The idea is Gandhigiri. They even have a Facebook group which they call “A Consortium of Pub-going, Loose and Forward Women” People from this group are going to go to the nearest pub on Valentines Day and raise a toast. (You can toast with the drink of your choice) I hope that with all the drinking and buying pink chaddis( I am sure they wanted it to be pink panties, Pink Panties has a nice ring to it.)there is a lot more love in this country and that the terrorists don’t think that it is show time for them on Valentines Day.

Mr. Muthalik some words to you. You are an incredibly clever  man. But then couples dont just hold hands and kiss and do the things they do on Valentines Day just on that day. I suggest you look for live in couples(If you have trouble understanding what that means please feel free to contact me via email) One more thing When you send people to beat up other people be it men or women or when you have people marrying couples off please make sure your underlings are attired in proper Indian clothes including their underwear. Remember Pink Chaddis are not Indian. Let me raise a toast to you for a great Valentines Day.

Update : Hey I am going to be indifferent about this whole Shri Ram Sena Thingy and also the Pink Chaddi Thingy. But I am excited about the party Options and I got this developed. Click Here to Check The Valentines Day Party Finder

12 thoughts on “Valentines Day – The Conspiracy Theory

  1. i think more couples who have hard times with community and parents, would be spotted and get married without a problem and its cost effective too!

    good work SRS

  2. @ Dilip Hmmmm I am going for a wine tasting session @ the alliance

    @trinity SO it could be that the lovers have paid him to get them married off. Thats another Theory. Interesting One…

  3. @Dilip Saari Machi…. We shall go for the next Wine Tasting event. It is happening Next Month

    @ Yuvi But the cards are what ignite the fire in the hearts of some couples.

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