Look Who got Rich

sdmI have been bad mouthing “Slumdog Millionaire”. Maybe it is an amazing movie. Maybe the music is great. Yeah so many maybes. But you know what I liked the most, the song at the end of the movie. That’s what a film about India should be like. Why do they wanna make an Indian movie without songs and dance sequences.

I hope Rahman does not get an Oscar for this one. Yeah, right I hope he does not. This is not his best work. I am still wondering how these things get selected for all these awards. And Those questions Anil Kapoor asks on the show are so simple. All 20 of them

Earlier yesterday I was watching NDTV news and they actually had a video of two policemen beating up a POOR 5 year old girl for stealing. Now will she get a shot at being a millionaire or did she already get her 15 minutes. How does it matter if she was poor. So many 5 year olds get beaten up everyday in this country!!!

Someone told me “Nothing sells like Poverty, No Nothing at all.” I am starting to believe it. And about the Title for this post. I think everyone is getting richer everyday. It all depends on where you are in the Social Chain. Be Happy and get Rich with Poverty!!!

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  1. Stereotypes rule.

    about the music in the movie: AR Rahman is much better than Golden Globe or anything else that the non Indian film Industry could offer him, one of his greatest achievements is to create a sound that a lot of Indians agree with. and that is something very remarkable and something that other composers did not have to deal with.
    yes, James Honer rips of Celtic tunes which many people end up humming and John Williams borrows a lot from Mahler. ARR does his thing also, they all do absolute crap also. so to get a golden globe and be recognized among them is ok.

    about the movie: Too bad I did not watch the Hindi version, the english version is terrible and incredibly tedious to watch. it was just too funny to see indi cops beating up Jamal and Introgating him in English!!! I know better.

    One good thing that could come out of this movie is that more money will flow in to the film industry and hopefully some of it will filter down to a few good Independent film Makers.

  2. I agree that I have heard better from Rahman and considering where the song appears in the film you wonder why it was made? Maybe there is an insider to the Golden Globes?

    But I liked the movie, it was fun.

  3. Nothing makes money like religion too da. We need to get that out of the picture too. As for ARR, he is a genious but then slumdog was not even mediocre i would say.

    Friggin foreigners judge music by their taste. If indians ran the oscar show we would give every damn trophy to rahman for Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na like movies.

  4. @joel Yeah let’s see how more money into the music industry will mean less poverty. Not very sure about this one.

    @ Glad you like the movie. I think it would be interesting if someone had a Parody on this one.

    @Dilip I hate this whole awards stuff. How does what someone does suddenly become famous. Was he not as good or probably even better before that.

  5. Agree with you -the movie sucks! It has been made for the Western audiences complete with cliche of every kind. The Indian audience are just a bonus as far as the filmmaker was concerned. So why should he bother about our sensibilities

    Rahman is an awesome musician. The Oscars are not going to change that -If he wins or not. He was a phenomenon and will be one….

  6. hmmm…i agree the movie w/o all the hype is pretty unremarkable. its success has a lot to do with a social evil called – MARKETING!! Something that got a totally unremarkable book like the Da Vinci Code a whole lot of hype 😉

    • @Sowmya I wish we could make movies about the poor in Europe and America and how they suffer and I dont think the movie would get any sort of recognition.

      @ Lifern Yeah Very True. But we can’t live without marketing can we????

  7. i totally agree with u..Its been processed,packaged,and sold for western audiences.Especially the kid jumping into shit..is that what India wants to show the world..i am sorry..what Danny Boyle wants to show the world about India.What about all da brilliant minds in IIT,IIM,and NASA..why doesnt he make a movie about them???why doesnt he make a movie about da huge joint family system of India?Or about an Indian marriage?Or wait..at least about a slumdog who grows rich on his own because of his talents and contributes to indian society and try to elevate people from poverty..Not a slumdog who is from da minority community and is picked on by da “cruel unforgiving majority community”..wow..India is not only a poor place!!!its a cruel place as well..!!!!I have no problems with Danny Boyle.He just did this thing.I have problems with the millions of Indians who actually cheer for this poverty ridden fiasco and say that poverty has to be addressed thats why they are showing it..Hell!Why do u want to show the western world for poverty to be addressed in india?ARE WE BEGGING THEM TO SAVE OUR POOR SKINS..shame..really..shame..

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