The First 24

Yeah I have been up for the past 24 and I hope to be awake for for the next 24 too.  I just cant sleep. If I shut my eyes I feel like a car is going to run over me, HEAD ON!!! Scary Shit. I have not had nightmares like this in a while so I am enjoying it while it lasts. I have had suggestions to pop sleeping pills but I think if I remove my lenses for a bit I should be fine. I am not FB’ing or twittering or Gtalking or doing any of that shit. I am just sitting here browsing the internet and doing some pending work and yeah ranting on my blog. Please don’t give me suggestions on how I should try and sleep. I am fine the way I am. I just hope to be in a condition to get to work tomorrow.and complete the next 24

P.S. : I have been awake for 72 hrs non stop But that was 5 years back and it was a fitter version of me. Do you think I can beat my record???

Update I did Twitter after all. Click Here to see me my twits

2 thoughts on “The First 24

  1. @jollyroger Hey buddy I could not break it I was awake for 44 hours. After which I was a walking zombie. I started seeing things when my eyes were wide open. But I think it was good fun and I hope to try doing it again sometime soon.

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