I Walk, Talk and Most of All EAT Food

Well, I was wondering how I love to eat so much food? I am just fattening by the day and the Doctors have threatened that I will have all kinds of diseases and die a dreadful death. But I really give two shits about what doctors say. (I think I am like a grandfather of mine. He really did not bother about what doctors told him.) If something tastes and smells good it should be tasted first and if you don’t die immediately you should savour and eat lots of it.

Anyways while we were at the last Blogoholics Meet (6th one to be precise) We found that all of us loved to eat not the Chips made by an MNC or the drinks which are nothing but sugared water. We loved what Vasant Govind got for us. Udacha Kadalai Muttai does not have an equivalent in English and it is an awesome snack.

Anyhow since a few people wanted to go eat street food we @ Blogoholics Anonymous decided to have a Blogoholics Anonymous Food Walk. The Idea is to Walk, Talk, Eat and most of all Blog. I will even tell you some humourless jokes. (Yeah I Love them, Sathya will tell you that) You can RSVP Here. or you can mail me here aravind@aravindkumar.com Incase you have issues getting to Mint Street you can call me on +919894312787

SO on January 10th 2008, Saturday  1730hrs in  Mint Street some of us are going to be walking talking eating.(I will be Live Blogging) If you think it sounds good and that your mouth is dripping like a leaky piece of plumbing  please do join us. And for those of you who love molagga Bajji I will treat you to a plate if you answer this question. 

Why did the Sardarni Keep Staring at the Pack of Orange Juice???Leave your answers as a comment.

Did you know : That the Color RED sends a signal to the brain which in turn let’s your stomach think you are hungry. (My Mouth is Watering as I write this. Off to lay my hands on some sweets)

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3 thoughts on “I Walk, Talk and Most of All EAT Food

  1. The sardarni said that orange juice is made a goal(round) orange hai how can a square box have orange juice.

    see how jobless i am and tell satya to put up those old articles of mine — or—

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