Eat the Words

Have been excited about the food walk happening on the 10th. Just wondering if there will be anyone who will get that plate of mollaga Bajjis. Anyhow after a long meeting today (no there will not be any specifics about the meeting) a few friends and me decided to go drink some coffee and maybe eat something. The closest Coffee day was the one in Purasawalkkam. Cafe Coffe day Purasawalkkkam was were I used to frequent before I joined NO one disturbs you and Ganesh the guy who works the evening shifts would just keep refilling espressos. Some good memories there.

So a visit to CCD today was NICE!!! Ordered some Sandwiches polished them off in minutes. It would have made the Earl of Sandwich proud.(Don’t ask me how!!!) So my greedy stomach wanted to have some more to eat. So we called this guy who serves us there and I asked for a Sandwich while another friend asked for a Wrap. (How do they come up with such names for food) 

The guy who should have taken the order, simply said “Sorry Sir, There is just one piece left” I was like “So what’s the problem?” and he says “No Sir if that part of the food display counter is empty, our manager would be a very unhappy man and might even take me to task” I was dumbstruck to even say anything. Must be one helluva DUMB Stupid Moron Manager. Why would I not wanna sell what I have? I am clueless at the moment. if anyone from the Cafe Coffee Day Management or CCD enthusiasts wanna answer ‘why someone would have a standing order like that?’ Please lemme know my mind wants to know.

7 thoughts on “Eat the Words

  1. Ha ha ha! Maybe they should try what happens in many of the mobile phone shops, get some dummies… and pray that they don’t feed them to some poor soul.

  2. Dude…when did you have enough money to keep on refilling your cup with expressos…i bet you took a bakra along who would even pay for your sandwiches…lol
    hope you keeping well.

  3. dude…can they donate online…if so pls have my share…gone skint macha…paying for the coffees….ha ha…just kidding…miss those unplanned days from college esp…miss your tata estate man…esp the ac…blessing in the chennai heat…

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