Back Home…

As the day ends I have looked back at the past and looked into my life. It has been a bumpy ride. Real bumpy one. But I have taken risks gone against what people have told me to do and I have survived. Oh Sorry I was just shitting you with a bunch of nonsense.

Morning arrived by Chennai Mail from Mumbai. The Mail Trains in our Country are the worst things to travel by. They like stop whenever somone asks them to stop at a station(I am glad it is only at stations) So Yeah I reached Chennai at a decent hour this morning. (0500hrs is absolutely a decent time). Oh Yeah I was in Mumbai on work and I got to attend Blog Camp Mumbai. Met some interesting Bloggers from Mumbai. Anyhoo as any decent Indian would do I did invite them for our meetsin Chennai. Who knows they might even join us.

Anyways, there is so much hype about Obamas swearing in which happened in Washington and the Pied Piper of Mandaveli wanted to know who the Vice President of India was? And smart fella I am told him it is Kalignar Karunanidhi. (The greatest Staesman of our Times) Apparently he says I have won an all expenses paid trip to the Carribean. Maybe I should be living in a chilled out country like the Jamaica. I find India and Indians too hot to handle.

Anyhoo I am the thinking Blogcamp should be an initiative by just the bloggers and corporates should not be brought in as sponsors thats exactly what I told the organizers at Blog Camp Mumbai. When you put someone like me inside Microsofts office in Mumbai with an event sponsored by Ibibo(They apparently paid for the Pizzas) I don’t feel very comfortable and Microsoft has corporate policy. Which is you can’t take cameras inside their office.

Well, My dear policy makers @ Microsoft do remember that I fucking hate you guys. I think you have shitty security because there were people who got cameras inside and took photographs too.I hope you guys have a good security policy and a better security officer in place.

Mumbai is a place with so much happening while  was there and I find Mumbai bloggers to be very focussed and they seem to be on the right track unlike me who has nothing to say except for ranting out and shouting out at the world.

But Yeah I am so glad to be back home. More snippets from Mumbai coming soon.

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  1. Nenga uduradhu petaru
    andha seena thangamudiyama allarum adikiranga quateru

    neenga oru unlimited meals
    nanga just nellika piece

    ungala porutha varikkum nenga vachiyirukurathu mudi
    adha nambi utkarntha kossu sarukki velunthu aguthu body

    Neenga oru smart
    idha ketta anji perukku vedinji pochu heart.

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