I am planning to Stop Writing

Hi people,

I intend to stop writing all the crap I write and shift to a more focussed domain. Something which is very dear to me and my stomach. Food and foos related blogs. I have been researching for a while now. So I intend to change the name to somethng else from At The Altar.

Yes I will have random incidents from my crappy lifestyle posted here. But that will be once in a while.

I loved being at the Altar. Now to more focussed writing.



4 thoughts on “I am planning to Stop Writing

  1. Aravind…. Nahii… Please dont stop writing… You know how much we love your current writing style.. Please think over it… Appadilaam solluven nu ninaichiya? 😛
    Best! We get to read less shit now on! 😛

    Jokes apart, You get to earn a lot if your niche blog is really good.. So good luck!

  2. At the Altar, to become At the ‘Alter’, eh?
    Well, we’re always Hungry… for food and information about food. So food writing certainly puts a lot of food for thought. Ok too much talk about food, I’m off for lunch!

  3. Hellos
    Pretty sure you have no idea who i am because i havent posted a single thing on your blog, or mine, in ages… it sucks that your diversifying into a niche subject but im sure you will do great…
    Hope to read more from you in the future!

  4. @ Narain PodaPoda Poda…

    @ Sudhamshu You seem to be hungry all the time. Just Like the ass Sathya.

    @Anisha Pretty much have a good idea about your blog. Have followed them earlier. But I am just a free blog reader. Yeah I hope to have the food blog ready and running soon.

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