Hobbes the Tiger – My Friend

I am crazy about dogs. It is not like I hate Cats. Cats are cool in a Cartoon strip. But Dogs are cool in real life. Dogs understand people better than cats. I have written about relationships with so many people, But why did I not realize till I read this post that I should write about my now gone Doggy friend, Hobbes.

Hobbes named after the Tiger from the strip Calvin and Hobbes. Anyways Hobbes is a yellow Labrador who I took care of during my days in a lonely town with hardly any friends to talk to. He was a jolly good fella with mischief written all over him. He would climb all the way to my first floor apartment but would refuse to get down. (I later realized that the fella feared heights.) He would go chasing other street dogs. But he was shit scared of Bulls and the best part he would go after women. I don’t know why he would do that but he would really chase women. His favourite thing was watching what I did on my computer. He did not like television and better still he would lie in my office the entire day in the comnfort of the Air Conditioner and refuse to budge.

Anyways we had to part ways and he was given away by my dad to a friend of his. I think I should go visit him one of these days. He has apparently fathered puppies. I got him for free and I gave him off free. Yeah Ketaki keep looking for that free puppy you are bound to get one your way.

7 thoughts on “Hobbes the Tiger – My Friend

  1. Oh my GOD!!!, where on earth you got that sweet little piece ? Its absolutely gorgeous. I am alll in love for it :). Good to see a fellow blogger who is mad in love for labs 🙂


  2. unga mugaatha katti kedukkathinga nay kutti mooda

    appuramm antha nay kuttikku kattanum pada

    Thayavu senji kattathinga unga muddiya

    appuram kovathula vangathinga nay kadia

    Thayavu senju kattathinga unga mandaya

    bayathila antha nay kutti potturum mandaya

    Ungala poruthavaraykkum athu oru kutty nay

    atha poruthavaraykkum neengha gundu pei.

  3. dude…i had him for a few days before we had to give him away…miss him the most…good to see the snap of hobby and i…and yeah he would go after women…he was your dog for a long time bro…we must visit him when i get back…it would nearly 2 years since we gave him away by then…:(

  4. @ harshrav “and yeah he would go after women…he was your dog for a long time bro” Well I dont go after girls. I prefer being the way I am. Yeah it is going to be 2 years thi September 2009. I just hope that he is happy!!!

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